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Watch 2022-2023 online sermons » John Bradshaw » John Bradshaw - Are Aliens Actually Demons?

John Bradshaw - Are Aliens Actually Demons?

John Bradshaw - Are Aliens Actually Demons?
TOPICS: Aliens

Wes Peppers: Patricia asks, "I recently heard a pastor say that aliens were probably demons or fallen angels and that they abducted people. He also said that they are the sons of God or the Nephilim in Genesis 6. Do you think there is a connection"?

John Bradshaw: I think some of what the pastor said is correct. I think that aliens are probably demons. I think that some aliens aren't aliens. Some aliens are just confusion on the mind of people who think they see something or they see something that they cannot explain. But if you have any of this crazy stuff, that would more than likely be a deception. I have no problem saying that. But they are the sons of God or the Nephilim? No, no, no. In Genesis 6, you read about giants. That's what they were. They were giants, big people, lived back closer to creation. There are some people who believe that these Nephilim were fallen angels who had intimate relations with human beings.

Wes Peppers: Never happened.

John Bradshaw: Never happened.

Wes Peppers: How could it happen? And Jesus said, "There will be no marriage in heaven, for we'll be like the angels". They don't do those things. They don't engage in those acts. And the reason they were larger people is because they were closer to creation and everything was larger in those days.

John Bradshaw: So let's be careful that we don't get caught up in what's ultimately fantasy, fiction. Stay with the Bible. I might have said this in another program. There's plenty in the Bible that's strange enough. Jesus carpeted the ground with manna. Water came out of a rock. An ocean opened up so people could walk through. The sun went down in the sky. The river just kind of stopped. This stuff all flowed on. They crossed over. But we know that that's true.

Wes Peppers: Humanly impossible, but divinely possible.

John Bradshaw: Yeah, possible with God. But you don't need to veer over into the just flat-out weird. Let's keep it reasonable. I think that's far better.
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