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Watch 2022-2023 online sermons » John Bradshaw » John Bradshaw - 8 Steps To Transform Your Spiritual Life

John Bradshaw - 8 Steps To Transform Your Spiritual Life

John Bradshaw - 8 Steps To Transform Your Spiritual Life

So let's pray and then we'll open up the Bible together. God's about to speak through his word. Let's pray:

Father in heaven, we are here tonight that you might water our soul. Speak to us. Feed us with the bread of heaven. I thank you for every single individual who has been able to make it to this place tonight or connect with us from wherever, wherever place they are. So speak now. Let Jesus be honored. Let your word be primary in our lives. Take our hearts and and weld them inextricably to yours. We pray and thank you in Jesus name. Please join me in saying amen, amen, amen.

We're going to talk about revival. We are talking about revival tonight because it is vital that we do. Our subject presupposes something. It suggests revival is important and necessary. It is both. Were you talking to the Bible you would read in Revelation 2 and verse 4 where Jesus speaks to the church of Ephesus and he says, "Nevertheless I have somewhat against thee because you have," because you've done what, you know? You've left your first love. That's extreme to have left your first love. But here are people who have done just that.

Now what you must be inspired and encouraged by is that when Jesus says to the Ephesians, "You've left your first love," he does not intimate that it's over, that they've passed the point of no return. He says you have but you can come back. You can repent. He is calling to them to experience revival. God is gracious. There's still hope even for the woman or the man who has left her or his first love. Jesus says, "Remember therefore from whence you are fallen and repent and do the first works. Go back to where you were. Do what you once did. Believe what you once believed. Trust the way you used to trust".

Friend, I want to assure you there is nothing more important than being connected to Jesus, would you say amen? Nothing. And you'll notice I didn't say there's nothing more important than being a member of the church because there are too many church members who are not connected to Jesus. It's important to be connected to the church but it is more important that we are connected to Jesus. You want both, it's not either/or. You don't want to be a white encephalica painted on the outside you are clean but on the inside you are full of dead men's bones. You can fool your fellow church member. You might be able to fool a friend or a church member but you cannot fool God because he sees and it's not that he looks like a tyrant or an ogre or a despot or a dictator.

God looks as one who loves you and wants the best for you and he's just looking for you to yield your heart to him. He knows what you're like. During World War two a young fellow named Calvin Graham enlisted in the Navy. He said I never did much like Hitler that's what he said and he was pretty much looking forward or looking for a reason to get out of his unhappy home life. He went down to the enlistment office he enlisted. Then the time came that he ought to be, you would know the word I'm sure, he shipped out to San Diego where he would go through his naval training. He was not worried that they would think that his mother's signature had been forged. He was a little younger than the age. He wasn't worried about that. He wasn't worried that they would say man you got a baby face because you know there are a lot of I mean for example there are there are a lot of us who look younger than we are.

Yeah so he wasn't worried about that. What he was worried about was the dentist. So being a smart little fellow he stood in line behind a boy who was 14 and another who was 15. They went through and the dentist said nothing. The dentist looked inside Calvin Graham's mouth and said how old are you young man? He said 17 sir. The dentist said you are not. You cannot be a day over 12. Calvin Graham was 12. He was 12. He got through because he said to the dentist you just let those two boys through and you know how old they are and the dentist didn't want to fuss and there was a long line. He said go through and be careful. He was careful. He saw heavy fighting in Guadalcanal. The ship he was on the USS South Dakota took at least 40 direct hits from the Japanese Navy. Did not sink.

One hit rattled the boat so much Calvin fell three floors onto the hard steel floor. Groggy he got up and tended to the 60 injured and helped with the 27 dead. The young man survived but he young man he was a boy and the reason he was found out was not because anybody could tell by looking at the outside. They could tell by looking at the inside and when God sees me and you he sees the inside. Thank God we don't have to be discouraged or worried or derailed by that. We just don't. We can be revived even if everything isn't good. The question is how are we doing spiritually? Are we connected with God? Is that a real relationship with him that we have?

If the answer isn't yes, if for some reason you are going through the motions, if yours is a shell experience then you are here tonight not to be condemned but to be encouraged that God's not done with you yet. He can turn you around and make you a woman or a man of great faith in possession of a saving relationship with Jesus. Come on and say amen. Our God is the God of second chances. Our God is the God of forgiveness. He is the God who calls us to repent and honors us when we do. Listen revival doesn't mean and I hope you don't think I'm getting soft on this I'm not but it doesn't mean that you necessarily understand every last doctrinal point.

Now I advocate that you do. So does God. You'll want to know the answers but just the fact that you know the answers doesn't mean you've been revived. We want the real thing. So let's go back. You could have left your first love. If you have, well even if you haven't, if you haven't left your first love you could be going through the motions. Maybe raised in the church but not really a Christian. Maybe baptized but the flames aren't burning brightly. You attended high school or university or maybe you are. Well maybe you're in the workforce and you are distracted by all that there is to do. You know for young people when you're at home life has a certain structure to it. When you're in school there's a certain structure to it. But you get out into the workforce you are left to create a structure of your own. There's no one encouraging you to do this or do that or pray or go to church.

If you are lukewarm I want to tell you that God can light you up and heat you up. And there are some people of course who just want to stay revived. You've got a good relationship with Jesus and you don't want to lose it and so thank God we're not gonna have that happen. It is a challenge being a believer in a very secular world. There's so much today designed especially by the devil to lead you away from Christ. And it may be that you were not raised with role models. You can't say this is what my daddy did or this is how my mother lived or this is how my grandparents influenced me. If you were not raised around Christians you might look at the pastor. I'll promise you the pastor will let you down because the pastor is human.

Less frequently of course but that will happen especially if you're looking for it. You look to church members and some of them are shining examples and some of them are not. I thank God for the members of the church where I first went to church. They loved God. It showed. They loved me. It showed and that's what drew me into the church and perhaps in a great way keeps me there. The love and the example of others. But we don't want to make the mistake of looking to others. That will be the death knell of revival. We want to learn to look to Jesus. Just like those folks who were bitten by snakes looked to the brazen serpent lifted up on a pole. They were revived when they did that. We want to make Jesus our standard and not any other human being. Revival is important and revival is about being connected to Jesus Christ.

Now you know what I hear frequently in ministry and even if I wasn't. I hear all the time that our church isn't doing enough for young people. Now I don't want you to say man even if it's true. Even if it's true. I mean how much is enough? How much is too much anyway? Here's what I want to do. I want to challenge young people and I want to challenge parents because you understand that as a parent all your job is is to prepare your children for the time in their lives where they make decisions for themselves. That's all it is. That's all it is and so I continue to hear oh the church doesn't do enough for young people. All right let's go back. Remember when junior was sitting in the high chair and you were going to to open the tunnel. You understand it. The games we saw there's an airplane. Look at that. Right in. Sure but your kid would grab the spoon from time to time and try to put it in and it would go on and not in. Right?

I used to look at my as particularly my son and say look Melissa our boy has the mark of the feast all over him. You see the kid gets to the stage where he or she says no no no no no don't spoon-feed me. I want to do that. Right? Right. That's right. Life was wonderful when you used to be able to say to the kids you're wearing those shoes those socks those pants that shirt and there was never no I don't like those. Never happened. It was right sure oh great they're orange with green stripes and purple splashes. My favorite. And then they got fashion conscious and cool and you know had an opinion. Who knew that was ever coming? Opinions. But what happened was the kids would say you know what I would like to wear this. Right? Okay.

Then the kid gets a little older and says I would like to get a part-time job. Or the kid says I would like to drive a car. What do you need to drive a car for? You're 22 years old. You don't need to be driving a car. I want a little independence. Right? Or they say stuff like can I go to X's house? Joe's house? Yeah sure. What time you gonna be back? Well I was thinking it may be 1130 and you look at the watch you go but it's only 1030 in the morning right now. That's not going to give you a lot of time at Joe's house. What are you not understanding dad? I mean 1130 tonight. What? Oh no no no that ain't happening. What do you want to be out till 1130? Nothing good happens after about 10 o'clock at night. Nothing. You don't want to be out that long.

Well you but you can't treat me like a child. I'm grown up now. I mean I need to have some independence. I need to roll with my with my friends. Okay so you get the point right? The kid wants to feed himself. Wants to clothe herself. Wants to drive a car. Wants to get a job. Wants to stay out late. But wants the church to entertain and amuse and spoon-feed him. I don't buy that. If you're gonna teach your kid to feed itself porridge in the morning and salad at lunch and tofu at night. Teach your kid to feed herself from the Word of God. Don't look to your youth leader to amuse your children. Look to your youth leader to put him to work. Take these kids out on a project. Get them helping someone. Teach them to study the Bible.

Find them somebody out there who needs to know Jesus and send a couple of 14 year olds to their house to give them a Bible study. That'll do more for them than some fancy-pants program. I'm not against programs. I want our kids, I want the church to do more for kids, for white people, for black people, for other kind of people, for old people. I want our church to do more for everybody. But let's keep our head out of the clouds and down here in reality. It ain't always possible. Ladies and gentlemen, COVID-19. Churches are closed. What then? If you are not feeding yourself, you are dying. You aren't being revived. Dying. These folks who stay home and watch church on TV, too, I understand.

If you got to, what I'm about to say isn't for you. If you need to stay home, stay home. We want everybody to be safe and well. But if you need to get your, if you need to get yourself to church, you need to get yourself to church. That's important. Come on now. People calling up the president, conference president. Well, when you gonna open up our church? Church ain't open. Conference president, a friend of mine, said, he said, he spoke to the lady on the phone. He said, there are 10,000 members in my conference, in this conference. That means there are 10,000 churches. Not one of them are closed. You know, it's interesting when people start to say, "Open the church". When it suits them, they say, "Hey, you can't. We are the church".

Be the church, then. We got to be feeding ourselves, ladies and gentlemen. Feeding ourselves. Churches shut. Gotta feed ourselves. I mean, I get it. You watch It Is Written TV on Sabbath morning. That's good. You watch the sermons and the Sabbath school classes. That's good. But you still gotta feed yourself. Our young people have gotta feed themselves. If you entertain them and amuse them and roll things on for them, but you don't teach them to feed themselves, they're gonna be dead wood before no time flat. They are old enough. So I'm gonna tell you tonight that the first step to personal revival is to decide. To choose. To make a decision. To take your relationship with God seriously. He either exists, or he does not. He's either real, or he ain't.

The Bible is either true, or it's a bunch of lies. If it's a bunch of lies, you need to run from it and find whatever out there is the truth. But it is the truth. And so you want it in your life. And not merely truth, truth. I mean Jesus truth. We want to experience the presence of God and the peace that passes understanding. And to know that you've got purpose. And to know that you are loved. And to know that God is with you. And to know that God has a future for you. Nothing offers anybody quite what God offers. Nothing that even comes close. Let me share with you what Paul wrote in Colossians 3 and verse 4. He wrote, "When Christ," you need to listen carefully to this, "who is our life shall appear, then shall ye also appear with him in glory". He said Christ isn't an appendage. He's not a prosthetic. He's not an add-on. He is our life.

So when we decide that Jesus will be our life, first and not second. The beating heart of our experience. The blood that flows through our veins. Then we are going to experience revival. You don't want to get Jesus crowded out of your life. Not by sport, or social media, or YouTube, or anything else. Christ is our life. First step to revival. You got to make a choice. You got to want this thing. You don't have to be good, because you're not anyway. You don't have to be deserving, because you aren't. You don't have to be straightened out. Who is? You just need to be willing. Lord, I decide you are gonna be my God. Amen.

And so step two. Second step to personal revival is to believe. It's the easiest thing in the world to believe the Word of God. Look at Daniel chapter 2 and try to tell me that that was concocted by somebody. I'm reading right now. I've read through the Bible. I'm up to about Job right now. You go read through Ezra, Nehemiah. Great books by them. Great books. The detail. The historical accuracy. There's not another holy book on the planet that measures with what the Bible offers. And then the Bible is life-changing. I don't know of anyone who picked up the Bhagavad Gita and suddenly got off drugs, and alcohol, and immorality. Maybe it happens. Happened with the Bible all the time, because the Bible is power. The gospel is the power of God under salvation. You can choose to believe the Word of God, because it works.

I want to tell you, skepticism is not sophistication. Doubt should not be worn around your neck like some kind of medal. Not ever. God can't do much for you if you don't believe. The writer to the Hebrews said, "Those who come to God must believe that He is, and that He is the rewarder of them that diligently seek Him". Believe. Impossible to believe somebody you don't know. So we'll get to that in just a moment.

Third step to personal revival. This is where you step up to the mark. It's not merely academic. It's not just a cerebral function. My friend, the third step is to repent. I'm going to tell you something you already know. There is enough empty profession in Christianity already. There are enough game players. There's enough going through the motions. There's enough not taking it seriously. I'll tell you two things. One, people make mistakes. It happens. It's part of the journey. You let others down. You let yourself down. That's just what happens along the way. I'm not excusing that, but it's just part of the journey. A child learning to walk spends a lot of time on a derriere. That's just how it goes. But it's all part of learning to walk.

But I want to follow that statement quickly by saying that repentance is to turn away from sin. It is to accept God's forgiveness and believe, believe that there is power in God to keep you from going back to your old life. I'm not going to get sidetracked by the stories I've been told by ministers of the gospel who would say: Oh, God does not expect you ever to stop sinning or to put sin out of your life. Have mercy. Wrong profession. Jesus came to save us from our sins. And thank God Jesus came to do that. Because Charles Atlas or the Incredible Hulk or Superman or nobody else could do that. Jesus can. For when he died, he bore our sins and now he offers us his righteousness and his spirit.

But man, this is where it starts to get a little bit uncomfortable. Because this is where we need to say, "You know what? I know how much I love sin X, Y, or Z. But God wants me to put it away. I got to put it away. I got to". So I make the decision and then I turn my heart over to Jesus. I say, "Come on and come on. Live in my life and especially occupy that part of my heart where the sin was. Your strength will be able to keep me now". So that means you've got to consider what's going on in your private life, in your mind, on your internet, how you react to others, how you talk about others, the way you, the remarks that you make.

"Oh no, no. I didn't ask you to come here tonight so I could tell you. You got to be a goody-two-shoes. I'm asking you to embrace the biblical notion of repentance. God said, 'A new heart also will I give you and a new spirit will I put within you and I will take away your heart of stone and I will give you in its place and heart of flesh.'"

There's a story in the Bible about somebody who repented and his heart was empty and swept and garnished and the demons came back and his last state was earlier than the first because repentance for this cat did not involve Jesus bringing his presence into the life and making the heart a bastion of strength. You see, this is what God wants to do. If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. If you're struggling, thank God. I'm glad you're struggling. I mean that from the bottom of my heart. You struggle. I grew up on the banks of the Waikato River. I've told you this before. It would take Usain Bolt at full speed about, from memory, 14 or 15 seconds to run from my bedroom window to the riverbank, to the river.

That's how close I was to the river. Close. I learned to swim in that river. We learned by swimming upstream. There was quite a current and in order to swim against the current, you had to struggle. You might use the word strive and you could make slow progress against the current. If you just quit struggling, you get carried downstream. So struggle. Christianity can sometimes be a battle in a march. There will be times that you have to address the sin in your life and it will come close to you and you will have to wage a stern, hard battle with self. But this is not about climbing to heaven, building a tower of Babel so you can get there under your own steam. This striving is striving to submit. It's wrestling with the old man and saying, "I renounce you".

It is an appeal to Jesus. It's looking yourself in the mirror and saying, "I see dirt that I cannot remove. I see a Savior in heaven. He can get the job done". And saying to God, "You must. You must. This isn't optional. I'm not requesting. I'm demanding. Change my life and put within me the spirit that will cause me to live guided, motivated under the aegis of the Holy Spirit". Thank God God is a forgiving God. God is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance. Be honest with God. Let God be honest with you. Jesus is coming back. He wants our heart. When he has it, he will keep it as his own.

So number one, decide. Number two, believe. Number three, repent. Number four, eight steps to spiritual, ooh, the clock, eight steps to spiritual revival. Number four is to surrender. Revelation chapter 3, Jesus says to the church of Laodicea, "And that is you and me. Behold, I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hear my voice and opens the door, I will come into him and dine with him and he or she with me". We don't accept Jesus only with our minds, but with our whole heart. "Open the door. Surrender. Open the door. They're banging on the door. Let me in. Let me in. Let me in. Open the door. Jesus, take my heart. Stop fighting. Run the white flag up the flagpole. Lord, you've got it. If you want it, you've got it. It's yours. I'm gonna stop fighting your Lord. Take my life".

That's surrender. I give up. I will let you do what you want to do. You do what you can do. I'll let you do it. And you're gonna have to grow on that, because it's really easy to give control of the steering wheel and then take it back. But you grow on that. Surrender. How's that looking? Are you starting each day saying, "Take my heart, for I cannot give it. It is yours. Keep it pure, because I cannot keep it for thee. Save me in spite of myself, my weak, unchrist-like self. Mold me. Fashion me. Raise me into a pure and holy atmosphere, where the rich current of your love can flow through my soul". Surrender. It's yours. It's not mine. "Take my life". Without that, without that, it's not Christianity that you have. It's a charade. It's righteousness by work. Somebody with a great deal of wisdom once said that the message of the third angel is the message of justification by faith, in verity, in truth.

So that's what God wants. Our heart, so he can live his life in us and make us what we could never make ourselves. And he will do it. Too many of us are trying to be good enough. There's no future in that. There's a future in saying, "Jesus, take my heart and make it yours". God will work in you both to will and to do of his good pleasure. Hallelujah! He who has begun a good work in you is faithful to perform it unto the day of Jesus Christ. Come on and say amen tonight.

All right, step number five. This is an easy one. Step number five, read. Read the Bible. Read it through. You know, now I don't want to step on your toes, but I hear people say, "My great-grandfather, 82 years old, and he read the Bible through two times in his life". How slow do you have to read? To read the Bible twice? You ought to read the thing every year, every 18 months, every two years. Read the thing. How you gonna, you gonna, you mean you're gonna remember it? I read it once. I need to get back. Read it. Read the Word of God. And don't just read it through. Drill down. Study the Bible. Read the Gospels. Read the Psalms. Read the great stories in the Old Testament. Read about Jesus and the early church. There is creative power in the Word of God. The Word of God you hold in your hand when you caress or possess a Bible is the same word that said, "Let there be light". And when God said, "Let there be light," boom! There was light.

And so when you hold the Word of God and it says, "You are a child of God," hey, hallelujah, that's what I am. "I will make you a fisher of men". Done. "I will forgive you". I believe it. It has happened because I claim it. You see, ladies and gentlemen, there is power in the Word of God. You can't get anywhere else. It is food for your soul. You are not growing spiritually if you are not reading the Bible. Now, I'm not gonna ask anybody to stand up, but if you stand up and say, "I'm not reading the Bible," I can just easily say, "You are not growing spiritually". I don't care if you are the pastor of your church. You're not reading the Bible. You're dead, spiritually.

So thank God, let's read it. Let's read it. And water that seed of the Word of God. "Wherewithal shall a young man cleanse his way according to David by taking heed thereto according to thy word". Isn't that wonderful? Read the Word of God. It'll clean you up. Christ will come into your life through the Word of God. We want it. We gotta believe it and read it. Oh, you're not gonna get a prize for guessing.

That point number six is pray. Oh, come on now. We gotta pray. We gotta carve time out of our day to pray. And you know what happens? If you are a couch potato and then you start exercising, there's something that happens. And after you're doing this two or three times, and most of the creaks are out and the aches, you know, it stopped hurting. You go for a walk or a run or ride on your bike, and then the next day you just get this, "I gotta go. I have to run. I have to walk. I have to take a stroll".

You just get that. And after you've done so, it's just, you know, there's kind of almost like a runner's high. It's amazing. Same thing happens with prayer. The reason prayer is dull is because you don't pray. The reason prayer is boring is because you don't pray. But when you pray with purpose and you pray with meaning, prayer is gonna glue your mind together with the mind of God. You'll hear the voice of God. And I don't mean anything freaky when I say that. You'll understand the will of God. You'll be drawn so deep into an experience with God, you will wonder why you never prayed before. Come on, friend. We've got to pray. Pray for it is written. Pray for you. Pray for lost people in your family.

A friend of mine had been praying for her sister for 25 years. Been out of the church for 25 years. How long did I say? That's a quarter of a century. Her sister somehow chanced upon Hope Awakens, our virtual evangelistic series earlier this year. She started with night one. Loved it. Night two, three, four, went all the way through. Called her sister. Have you heard of this Hope Awakens thing? Yes, I have. I'm loving it. What's happened? I am back. Back. Her sister been praying for her for 25 years. And I share that with you because it encourages me. There are people I have been praying for for almost 25 years. I can't claim every day, but almost every day. That's a lot of days. And I just have to believe that God is at work to draw those people back to himself. Pray for your local congregation. Pray for your community.

You know, I know one of the reasons Pastor Donovan Catt, our newest It Is Written affiliate evangelist, is successful in evangelism. It's because he's a man of prayer. He prays. He prays like he means it and like he believes God will answer his prayer. Let's pray. So before you go to bed tonight, pray. When you get up in the morning, pray. We're gonna be a praying people. It doesn't cost anything. It's free. And there is power in prayer.

Point seven. In order to experience revival, share what you have. Share it. Tell somebody else. Like the lady I told you about earlier. Didn't know how to reach the people where she lived in the apartment complex. Gave her neighbor a DVD. Changed his life! Or she said, "Would you like to watch this"? He might have said, "No". That's alright. She'll ask the next person, "Would you like to watch this"?

You see how easy that is? We want to share what we got. A man came to Jesus. He said, "You have just cast demons out of me. I want to follow you". Jesus, first missionary, five minutes before, had been demon-possessed. He said, "No, the best thing you can do is go and share what you got with somebody else. Go on". And so he did. You see, friend, there is power in prayer and power in a praying person sharing what they have with others. Share. What are you doing in life? I want to ask you this. Are you pursuing a career? Is that what you're doing? Yeah. A career in what? You're going to do a career in business. Cool. A career in medicine. That's great. You're going to be a pilot. That's good. You'll be a high-flyer. You'll be a pilot. You'll be an architect. You'll be a bus driver. You'll be a homemaker. All good with me.

See, you misunderstood. You got it wrong. Your career is sharing Jesus. Whatever you do to pay the bills, fine with me. Whatever you do to seek, you know, that personal growth and stimulation of fulfillment, it's all good. Use your talents. No sweat. But you can be a businesswoman who is a witness. You can be a bus driver who is a witness. You can be on these guys that the gardener who comes by, cut the grass and spreads the mulch. Thank God. Do that for Jesus. You understand. We want to share what we have. That's why it is written exists because there are people like you who say we want to share what we have with the world.

And point eight. Eighth step to personal revival. It's a real simple one and it's simply this. Grow. Grow. Now if you do all these other things, you're growing anyhow. But grow. Don't stagnate. Keep pressing forward. You'll be a hundred years old. Read your Bible. God, show me yourself today. Reveal something to me in your word that's going to draw me closer. I want to grow today. Keep your feet in the soil of the Word of God. Keep receiving the water of the Holy Spirit. Breathe the air of prayer and you'll be like my jalapeno plants. I picked my last jalapenos on the 30th day of November. Beautiful plants they were. I know what I'm gonna do with all them jalapenos. Haven't got that figured out yet. Guess I'll freeze them. Just keep growing and as you keep growing you'll keep bearing fruit. It's just what happens.

Friend, I want to appeal to you tonight. We want to be revived and we may be revived. God's plan is that we are revived. It's his plan for our life. It's his gift for us. It's what he'll do in us. Is it what you want for you? Simple steps. Every last one of them. Dead easy. Maybe that last one is the one that we've really got to keep in mind. We got to grow. Talk to God. Is there growing left for me to do? Lord, is there personal spiritual development left for me to do? How can I impact somebody's life? How can you use me to grow the church? How can you use me to reach somebody somehow in some saving way?

There has never been a better time to be on the front row of ministry than right now. On the front lines of ministry. Never, never, never, never. You know that Jesus is coming back soon. You know that what we're going through now is setting the stage for the final moments of this earth's history. You know that and God is looking to us tonight and he's saying it cannot be business as usual. It just cannot. So on our knees we will pray: Lord God grow us, change us, develop us, transform us, use us. And then Lord Jesus we are looking forward to the day that you come back and get us. Because we want to be with you forever. Can you say amen? Oh come on let's pray together:

Our Father and our God. Tonight we look to you in Jesus name. We thank you for your goodness and your grace. No one here tonight is too great a sinner that you cannot change, transform, save, redeem, remake and we thank you. And everyone here tonight you see as a missionary. In some way you use her, him, each one of us to lift high the cross and draw people to a wonderful, great and perfect Savior. Thank you dear Lord for your blessing, for your mercy and for the hope that one day soon we're going to be walking on streets made out of gold, walking on in through gates made out of pearl, eating from a tree of life, walking beside a river of life. With Jesus we want to be revived not just now but forever. So revive us Lord in Jesus name we pray. please say, "Amen" and "Amen".

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