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John Bradshaw - Science

John Bradshaw - Science
TOPICS: Every Word, Science

It's interesting that science says all men have a common ancestor. "Y chromosome Adam" they call him. The theory is that all men descend from an original male. People who believe the Bible would agree. Now science says Y chromosome Adam lived 60,000 or so years ago, which the Bible does not support.

So you can see that science makes some claims that support the Bible narrative and some that don't. Science doesn't have all the answers and an honest scientist will admit that. The one with all the answers is God. We might not yet be able to perfectly explain everything but that day is coming. You've never been worse off because you trusted what God said. "In the beginning God created," Genesis 1:1.

If some things are hard to understand, trust the science that supports the Bible and trust the Bible. That's something you can always rely on. I'm John Bradshaw for It Is Written. Let's live today by every word.
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