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John Bradshaw - God First

John Bradshaw - God First
TOPICS: Every Word, Priorities

If there was someone who knew what it was like to lose his grip, that person was Peter. From "I'm willing to die for you" to "I don't even know the man" in just a couple of hours. So, the advice he gives comes from someone who knows.

He wrote in 1 Peter 1:17, "Pass the time of your sojourning here in fear". In context, he's writing about obedience and holiness, and he says, "Live your life with God in the forefront, and not in the background. Live in close connection with God".

Can you identify times in your daily life or your weekly schedule where you don't invest time in God, we got as relegated, or neglected or forgotten?

When Peter says "Past the time of your so journey here in fear", it's a call to a consistent Christian experience, to an attitude that says "God first". So, you want to let God be first for you today. I'm John Bradshaw, for It Is Written.
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