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Watch 2022-2023 online sermons » John Bradshaw » John Bradshaw - That's Who God Is

John Bradshaw - That's Who God Is

John Bradshaw - That's Who God Is
TOPICS: Every Word, God's Nature

If you want to know what God is really like, you only have to read, in the book of Acts Paul is the prisoner of the Roman Governor Felix, who historians describe as an absolute scoundrel.

In fact, Felix tried to bribe Paul, the Bible says Paul reasoned with him about righteousness, temperance and judgment to come. To the point that Felix trembled; he was under great conviction. God was sending this hardened man an opportunity to repent, to forsake his sins but what did Felix say to Paul, "Go away for now; when I have a convenient time I will call for you," Acts 24:25.

God wouldn't even pass by a man like Felix, a corrupt man, a heathen man. Yet God did all he could to reach his heart and heart, and that's who God is, doing all he can to save the lost. I'm John Bradshaw for It Is Written.
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