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John Bradshaw - Influenced

John Bradshaw - Influenced
TOPICS: Every Word, Influence

When king Solomon married the daughter of the Egyptian pharaoh, it seemed like a good strategic move. The Bible says he made affinity with Pharaoh. It was good in terms of international relations, but you read later that, "When Solomon was old... his wives turned away his heart after other gods", First Kings 11:4.

Now, think about this: Solomon was a mighty king, yet he was influenced by others in a very negative direction. So what's influencing you? You can't say nothing, because everyone has influenced somehow: family, friends, media, social media, ambition. They're not necessarily bad things until they are.

It's wise to assess how the influences in your life are leading or leaning you. The greatest influences and influencers should be the Bible and the Holy Spirit. Watch today you're not influenced away from faith in God. I'm John Bradshaw, for It Is Written.
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