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Watch 2022-2023 online sermons » John Bradshaw » John Bradshaw - The Statue of Liberty

John Bradshaw - The Statue of Liberty

John Bradshaw - The Statue of Liberty
TOPICS: Every Word

The Statue of Liberty is one of the most iconic structures in the world. 300 feet tall standing on a 15-acre island in New York, Harbor, it's visited by three and a half million people a year. It was dedicated in 1886, when Grover Cleveland was President, the population of Los Angeles was about 30.000, and only 38 States had been admitted to the union.

The Statue of Liberty was a gift from the nation of France to the people of the United States. So important a gift, that this many years later Liberty Island is a National Monument.

Special gifts are honored. The Bible says, "The gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ Our Lord", Romans 6:23. What are you doing about that gift, the gift of Jesus, of everlasting life. Treat it with great honor, remember it, treasure it, and above all accept it. Special gifts are honored. I'm John Bradshaw, for It Is Written.
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