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John Bradshaw - Erosion

John Bradshaw - Erosion
TOPICS: Every Word

Everyone heard the warnings. The iconic Cape Henlopen Lighthouse on the Delaware Coast was in danger as the ocean ate away the land on which the lighthouse sat. It was clear the lighthouse was on borrowed time. Some campaigned to save the lighthouse, but it would have taken a huge effort and a lot of money.

One day in 1926 the 159 year old Lighthouse completed before the United States declared independence from Britain collapsed, gone forever, because of the steady Relentless erosion that undermined it. Fascinating that it collapsed on a fine warm spring day.

People collapse in the same way: over time erosion slowly eats away at your experience, and it's not always the big things that bring you down. Solomon wrote in Song of Solomon 2:15 that, "The little foxes... spoil the vines". Guard your heart, stay close to Jesus, and don't let erosion collapse your faith. I'm John Bradshaw for It Is Written.
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