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John Bradshaw - Follow the Money

John Bradshaw - Follow the Money
TOPICS: Every Word, Money

The apostle Paul found himself in considerable strife in Ephesus, when a man named Demetrius started complaining that Paul's teaching meant fewer people were buying shrines to the goddess Diana or Artemis. It was a lucrative business, and poor old Demetrius was up in arms, "Sirs, you know that by this craft we have our wealth," he said in Acts 19:25. And by the time he was done, a crowd of people was chanting "Great is Diana of the Ephesians" which they kept up for two hours.

Demetrius presented himself as jealous for the honor of Diana, but if you follow the money, you'll see he was only concerned about his bottom line. Follow the money, and you'll see what's important to people. So, what does your money trail say about what's important to you? The best investments you can make are in the things of heaven. Follow the money and remember to follow your own, and see where that leads. I'm John Bradshaw for It Is Written
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