Joel Osteen — Favor Connections

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I want to talk to you today about Favor Connections. When I was a teenager, I was pulled over by a police officer for driving too fast. When he saw the name on my license, he asked if I was related to the pastor, that he watched on television each week. I told him that was my father. He gave me my license back, told me to slow down, and said: I could go.

I received favor, because of who I was connected to. Wasn't anything I did, I just happened to be the son of a man that was favored. Because I was in relationship with him, his favor spilled over onto me. The scripture says Noah found favor with the Lord. When a great flood covered the earth, Noah's family were the only ones saved. It never says his sons had favor or his daughters had favor, but because they were connected to Noah, their lives were spared. The principal is: when you're connected to people, that are favored, people that are further along, people that are more successful that, favor is going to flow down to you. You'll see increase, promotion, because of that association.

There should be people you're in relationship with, that inspire you, that challenge you, that make you strive to do better. When you're connected to someone that's blessed, you honor them, you learn from them, you sow into them, the more blessed they are, the more blessed you're going to be. Eventually you're going to look like who you're connected to. The question is: are you connected to anyone, that has what you want? Or you connected to people, that are negative, critical, can't get ahead, caused you to compromise, drain your energy? It's fine to be a good influence, it's fine to encourage them, but if you're spending all your time with them, the problem, is you're going to become just like them. They're rubbing off on you. You need to disconnect from people, that are hindering your growth, limiting your potential, causing you to compromise, and find some favored connections, people that are going places, people that are at another level, people that have what you're dreaming about.

You need some eagles in your life. You cannot hang around with chickens, and reach your destiny. You can't spend all your free time with crows, people that complain, or turkeys, people that have accepted mediocrity, you need people, who are soaring, people that are taking new ground, people that are out of debt, that think bigger than you, people that are exposing you to levels that you've never seen.

Few years ago, I went to this meeting with the man, that runs television networks, a friend of mine. They were negotiating a contract for programming. He said: I want to offer 80 million dollars. Almost fell out of my chair. I thought it was a big deal, that we have spent $80,000 to buy a screen for the church. They talked about these huge numbers, like I talked about buying a pair of tennis shoes. I didn't realize it, but God was expanding my vision, he was using that man to enlarge my thinking. After the meeting I was about to tell him, "Wow! Those were some incredibly big numbers", I felt something write down in here say, Joel zip it up. When God puts you with a bunch of eagles, don't have a chicken mentality. Don't start talking about how you've never seen anything like that, how that could never happen for you. Let it take root on the inside, breathe it in, get used to it.

That's where God is taking you. That's why he's exposing you to new levels, not to just impress you, not to just show you how the other half live, but to get you prepared in your thinking. You have to make room for the new things God has in store. If you live with the limited vision, thinking it could never happen, it's too far out, then you're right, it's going to happen. You'll never go where you can't accept. And God gave you that favor connection, to give you a glimpse into the next level, to show you what he's about to take you. Now do your part and get an agreement with God.

About five years after that meeting, we acquired this place, the Former Compact Center. When I found out, it was going to cost about 120 million dollars to purchase and renovate. I didn't fall apart, I wasn't intimidated, I thought: God you did it for my friend, you can do it for me. But had I not connected with that man, had I only spent time with people at my same level, I wouldn't be here. My mind wouldn't have been prepared. You need people that think bigger than you, that dream bigger, that believe bigger. If you're the smartest one in your group, your group is too small. God has already lined up these favor connections for you. People that are ordained to help you go further.
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