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2021 online sermons » Joel Osteen » Joel Osteen — Your Faith

Joel Osteen — Your Faith

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I want to talk to you today about your faith. Mark chapter 5 there was a lady that had a bleeding disorder for 12 years, she'd gone to many doctors spent all of her money, tried everything she could to get well, but nothing held. She continued to go downhill. One day there was all this commotion in her town, she found out, that Jesus was passing through. She had heard the stories of how he had healed a crippled man, had opened blind eyes, then something came alive on the inside. She thought he did it for others, he can do it for me. She could have been discouraged, complaining, life is not fair, why did this happen? Instead she said to herself: "if I can get to Jesus and just touch the fringe of his robe, I know, I will be healed".

The problem was, there was a great crowd surrounding Jesus. Thousands of people all packed in, seemed impossible, most people would have given up thought hey it's not meant to be, not this lady. She started making her way through the crowd: "Excuse me, I need to get by, pardon me, I have to get up front, I don't mean to be rude, but move out of my way". People looked at her like: "What's this lady's problem"? She was on a mission, she had a made-up mind. I'm sure she was weak, she had lost blood for years, she didn't feel like it, but she fought her way through the crowd.

One version said she kept saying to herself: "When I get to Jesus, I know, I will be well". She was saying: "I know, healing is coming. I know, things are turning in my favor. It's tough now, I'm tired, I'm weak, but I know I'm close to my breakthrough". The reason she could keep going is she kept the right thoughts playing in her mind.

I can imagine, she was so exhausted, she finally fell to the ground, had to crawl, the last few feet just at the right time she reached out and touched the edge of Jesus Road. All of a sudden, Jesus stopped, said to his disciples: "Who just touched Me"? They said: "What do you mean? It's crowded out here. Everybody's touching you". He said in effect: "No, everyone may be bumping into me, but somebody just touched me, somebody drew the miracle-working power out of me, they believed, healing was coming, they believed, their child was going to turn around, they believed new doors were going to open, they touched me with expectancy".

About that time Jesus looked at their, this woman, their eyes, met she was afraid thought she'd done something wrong. Jesus smiled and said: "Daughter, your faith has made you whole. Go in peace, you are healed".

Notice, the key was her faith. It was great, that her parents were praying, her friends were encouraging her, her neighbors were cheering her on. That's all good, but there's nothing more powerful than your faith. When you believe, when you expect things to change, when you keep saying to yourself: "I know the breakthrough is coming. I know healing is on the way. I know the right person is in my future. I know what God started he's going to finish". Your faith can cause to stop the Creator of the Universe, that's what activates his power.

There were other people in the crowd that day, that were sick. Many people that had needs. No doubt, they bumped into Jesus, nothing happened, but this lady touched him. Are you brushing up against him or are you touching him? Are you living with expectancy, knowing that he's bigger than those problems, greater than that sickness, more powerful than that opposition or have you become discouraged, thinking it's never going to change? God is passing by. He has all power. Don't just brush up against him, don't be passive and think you could never accomplish your dreams, never meet the right person, never start your business. Do like this lady, reach out and touch him. Release your faith, believe, that it will happen.
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  1. Rosalie R Strzelecki
    17 July 2020 17:11
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    Thank you Pastor Joel for preaching the truth and being a light of hope for the world
  2. CynthiaJotim
    17 July 2020 20:36
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    Pastor Osteen is amazing and Pastor Osteen is so inspiring.