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Jesse Duplantis – What is in the Faith of Jesus?

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Now watch this. Don't get me mad about this. Some people are unconscious of their ignorance. Write that down. Everybody write that down. Some people are unconscious of ignorance. They disagree with the methods of work to which they are unaccustomed. "Well, if I'm gonna have a home group, I'm gonna say what I want to say". No, you're not. See, that's your ignorance. That's ignorance going to seed. And the reason why you're a little disturbed about it, because you're unaccustomed to the work. You think, you know, let's face it, your ideas are better than anybody else's because you thought of them. Right?

Be honest. Your ideas are... boy, how many times you've said, "My God, man, if the guy would shut up and just let me have it, I could fix this thing". How many times if you watch the game today, if somebody messes up, "I'll tell you one thing, I wouldn't call that play". I'll tell you one thing, "that's the stupidest thing I ever seen in my life. "I mean, why did Sean", that coach of the New Orleans Saints, tell him not to hit that guy, to just try to stop"? Because he's only got a few seconds left. "I'll tell you one thing, that just throwed away our opportunity of the Super Bowl". Shut up. You can't even get on the team, and you have become... The water boy could whip you. And you're gonna tell somebody how to run a professional football team? What do they call that, armchair quarterbacking, or whatever? Is that right? I think that's what it's called.

Let me say it again. This is in long-suffering: Some people are unconscious of ignorance. They disagree with the methods of work to which they are unaccustomed. I just don't like the way the Church does that". Let me help you: So? You're just not accustomed to the work. You're ignorant. You're not dumb, by no means. You're just ignorant of that. It'd be kind of odd if you were in surgery and you woke up and said, "Don't cut there; cut over here". What?

Now, you're a therapist, am I correct, my man? Now, you help people to kind of get their bodies straight, right? It'd be kind of stupid if they hire you and pay you money and go, "No, I don't want to do that". "What do you call me more"? How many people want to counsel with me and won't do a thing I say. You should have stayed your butt home. You just took time of mine that you didn't need to take. But since you're coming for information, why don't you receive it? See, why the reason why me and Cathy sometimes don't agree together... I'll let you fill in the blanks. Sometimes she's unaccustomed of the work. Sometimes I'm unaccustomed of the work or the method of the work. "Why do they do it that way"? We're not asking you to... we just want you to do... it'd be kind of odd...

I see these guys flying planes. Sometimes I think... the plane's doing this: Dooka-dooka-dooka-dook. I say, "Are they gonna change altitude, or are they gonna let my butt get beat up back here"? Buh-buh-buh-buh, buh-buh-buh-buh-buh, buh-buh-buh-buh. But they know how to fly the plane. I know how to buy the plane. They ain't got a job without me. I can't go nowhere without them. See, why? Co-laborers together. Do you see that? And then sometimes I'll come up there and say, "What's that light for"? You know, because I want information. And they'll tell me, "Well, this is for this".

I've got a hard time between ground speed, true air speed, indicated speed. It all has to do with, watch this, temperature, right, altitude. I ain't interested in that. I'm only interested, how fast are we going? "Well, to determine that, Brother Jesse, we've got true air speed". I like ground speed. That tells me... see, 2 + 2 is 4. Across the grounds, that's... I know when I'm gonna get there because I know how fast I'm going. But, see, it all changes with true air speed and indicated speed. And they use knots instead of miles per hour. What's a knot?

And then sometimes these crazy air traffic controllers forget us, and the two guys are just sitting up there talking. You hear 'em laugh, "Ha-ha". "Heh-heh". And I think, "When are they gonna move over"? So I walk up there and I go, "Hey, guys, you think they forgot us"? That don't impress the pilots too much. They go... Because they are afraid of the FAA. And I've learned something, that there's something up there called commercial aircraft and private aircraft. And commercial aircraft, I think most of the time they want them first. And, you know, we could've landed. How many times we're coming into New Orleans and it's at 10:00, 10:30 at night, Delta's coming in, or 11:30, and Southwest is coming in; and we could've landed, been on the ground, been at the hangar, and they run us out over the West Bank so Southwest can come by. And Southwest on a 737 has got to slow down slow. They can't go as fast as we can land, see. And they don't like it when we pass 'em up. Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha. They don't like any of that stuff. But, you know, that's the way it runs. That's all in that long-suffering.

See, I disagree with some of that stuff. Let me show you something about aviation that will blow you away. Do you know right now in the state of Louisiana you can't drive a car unless you have insurance? Am I correct? Do you know you don't have to have insurance on a jet? Does that make any sense? You can kill more people with a jet than you ever can with a car. I don't have to put any insurance at all, ma'am, on that jet at all. Just take off. Don't have to do it. That don't make no sense whatsoever at all. Now, watch this. They send you to be type rated. So I send Ken and I send Eli to be type rated, okay? Now, when they first went to work for me, when we type rated Eli, watch this, now the insurance wants to tell me, "We're gonna see if you're gonna let him... I don't know if we're gonna let him fly". Your mama. Whatchu mean you ain't gonna let him fly?

The United States government, the FAA, says he can fly. They type rated him; and, in essence, they gave him a license, you know, to... yeah, but the insurance wants to talk about it. No, no, no. And I remember my first aviation director, and also my mechanic, said, "Brother Jesse, well, you can't fly because of the insurance". I said, "Get 'em on the phone; I'll talk to 'em". And he said, "No, you can't". I said, "No, no". I said, "You don't tell me when I fly this plane. You just cash the check"! They went, "We have had never have had anybody talk to us like that". I said, "Well, are you hearing what I'm saying? Now, somebody's gonna take this money". And it's thousands and thousands of dollars. I said, "Is it you? Because I promise you, I'll hang up with you, buddy, I'm gonna have somebody on the line and..." "Oh, oh, we'll take the money". They said, "Oh, he can fly the plane".

Now, I understand why they're saying it. Even though he's qualified, he doesn't have hours yet, but he's got a guy sitting in the right seat or a guy sitting in the left, the right seat, saying, if something goes wrong, you've got two guys here that are working together very, very well. See what I'm saying? Now, and I understand why, because it's insurance. It's all on "it might happen". Well, I don't live my life on "might". I live my life on assurance. I live my life on what Jesus said. Do you see that? There's a vast difference. So that's in that long-suffering for me too. I need help on that myself. I'm thinking, you know, I need help.

Like yesterday my granddaughter, Meredith, wanted to go to Toys "R" Us. Well, we had a good time yesterday. She came and spent the night Friday night. We had a glorious time, man, and just enjoyed it. She got up early, ate a little breakfast. I said, "Well, let's good to the mall, and we're gonna have lunch". We had lunch at the Cheesecake Factory, I think it was. And me and Meredith just eating our calamari and all that, just enjoying it. She's having her sliders, and I'm having salad and all that kind of stuff. And, all of a sudden, I realized, "Oh, God, this is parade time". I said, "Meredith, we're not gonna be able to go to the Toys "R" Us". I could tell she was disappointed. I've never told her no. I don't want to tell her no. But I had to show it to her.

So when I drove past Lakeside, I looked down there. Man, there's the blue lights and they're telling everybody, "Shut that down. You can't do this, you can't do that". I said, "We'll do it next time". She said, "But I just only wanted one little toy, just something little". I said, "Well, we're gonna go back and you can buy a big one". She said, "Okay". You can buy a big one then, baby. I mean, I wanted to take her to Toys "R" Us. You know what I'm saying? I mean, why not? But sometimes there are hindrances. So what she had to develop in that car was long-suffering, and it's developed in her grandfather's faith that said that he will take her there.

You know, one thing I really wanted to do was take my granddaughter to that Toys "R" Us store. It was such a blessing of the Lord. I mean that. But when the parade was going, you couldn't do it. And it disappointed her, but it also disappointed me. But I had a lesson I could tell her right there and teach her. See, long-suffering is patience, ladies and gentlemen. And that was tough for a child because she was waiting to go get a toy. Believe me, I know it can be hard at times to be patient. The Bible said let patience have its perfect work, that you're perfect and entire, wanting nothing, which means you won't have to want for nothing if you let patience do its job.

That's what I was telling my granddaughter. "If you let patience do its job, "we'll come back to that Toys "R" Us "and, guess what, "you'll have a knock-down-drag-out great time walking those aisles, getting the things you want". Now, let me say this. Do you realize the power of patience and long-suffering? That's a good question. Do you realize that? Because what's happening is you're building yourself up through that. Faith and patience, you inherit the promises of God. It not only enables us to save our own souls, but also the souls of others.

See, when people see you walking when everything's going wrong and you're just looking at 'em and smiling and saying, "My God's gonna do what He said. I don't care how long it takes". I mean, who don't want it yesterday? Everybody wants it yesterday. But guess what? Huh-huh, it don't make no difference if I get it yesterday, today or tomorrow, but I'm gonna get it. Look, in order to see patience working in your life, you need to use that pressure of love constantly, which means, "Lord, I'm gonna love You "no matter what I see because I know Your Word is true". I'm preaching here. I can't help myself. Let's go back into the message, man. I just enjoy preaching the Gospel. It's so wonderful. And let's learn some more. Get a pencil and pad, take some notes because you're gonna need that today. So watch this. Be blessed.

Kindness must be an active, busy virtue. Kindness. That's in the faith of the Son of God. It has its source in God. It is required by a long practice of self-control and self-discipline. Kindness has gotten through self-control and self discipline. Why? Because it must be a busy virtue, active virtue. Notice he said, "The life I now live in the flesh I live by the faith of the Son of God". Kindness is in there. Pureness, knowledge, long-suffering. Kindness must be an active, busy virtue because it has its source in God. God said be kind to one another. It is required by a long practice of self-control and self-discipline. Why?

Write this down: It's very hard to argue with kindness. You know, you come, you get mad at somebody, and they're still kind. "I am so sorry, sir. What else can we do for you"? "Well, I'll tell you one thing, I just don't like this kind of stuff". "I understand that, and I can understand how you feel, you know". And said, "I wish I could do this for you, but I'm under obligation by my employer". You go... "Okay". It's very hard to argue with kindness. Am I telling the truth? But it's created by self-control and self discipline, because sometimes you've had enough. See, you've run out of pureness and knowledge and long-suffering; and when you're about ready just to blow it, kindness kicks in because it's an active, busy virtue. Its source is God. God is to kind to us every day, even in judgment. God says this: "I get no glory in the sinner that dies," or the person that sins. My Lord.

Be careful when you're flowing in the gift of the word of knowledge, when you're flowing in the gifts of the Spirit because you can say something to someone that could be hurtful to them. Now, if it's the truth, the truth will set you free, but a lot of times people put, "This is what the Lord said". Did He really say that? Or did you feel He said that? Or did you know He said that? That's a vast difference. And even a word of judgment is done in kindness. You see what I'm saying?

I'll give you an example. A man was messing up real bad. Paul said, "I turn his flesh over for the destruction of it" Watch this. Here's the kindness of part. "that his soul may be saved". Now, most people say, "Forget about his soul, forget about it. Just take him out". No, kindness is a busy, active virtue. It's very hard to argue with kindness. I've had Cathy argue with me. All of a sudden, I'd start getting... God said, "You're not gonna win this, so get kind". Because Cathy's going... And I'm just saying, "Well, whatever you'd like me to do, Cathy, that's what I'll do". "Well, I'll tell you, that's what I want you to do". I said, "Well, that's fine, whatever. Your wish is my command". "You're just saying that to make me mad". "No, I don't want to ever make you mad".

We had a little argument going on with Kevin and Kathi in our car today. Cathy just got a new car, and, you know, these cars today, you need to be a lawyer to figure 'em all out. There are so many computers, so many buttons and all this kind of stuff. I'm trying to figure out how to put the cruise control on, but Cathy don't want to mess with it. I said, "Cathy, would you open up the glove compartment and look there's a manual in there". "Why would you want to do that"? "To put the cruise control on". "That's the button". "I pressed the button; it's not working". So I know I'm doing something wrong. The car isn't doing something wrong. I'm doing it. I said, "Would you please just do that"? "Well, I'll have a hard time looking at it". "I guess so, because it's inside the glove compartment; but if you open it up, you can look".

I wanted to say that, and I can hear Kevin and Kathi going... They're just praying. No, they just kind... so even Kathi. So now, she said, "I'll get the app, Brother Jesse". She pulls up the app on her telephone. Well, but between me and Cathy is no long-suffering no more. Fff-fff! Fff-fff! Wasn't mad. It's just, and I read, then she read it and it made no sense, because it didn't tell us there's a switch. So finally I dropped them off at their home, and I said, "I'm gonna find this thing". And not by accident, I believe it was the Lord, my hand slid over something, and something came up in the thing. I went... "Oh". I said, "I got it". No. No, that's not true? You're lying in church, woman. It's not true. I cannot believe... let me pray that lying spirit out of that woman. Come out, in the name of Jesus! You haven't had the answer yet to go to the pressure point. Okay. Yeah, Kevin said you had to go... he didn't know neither. Kevin didn't know. Kathi's the one with the app. Pressure point. I gotcha Kevin, I understand.

There was a pressure point, but that's not the pressure point. See, you don't know that neither. I'm gonna have to show you that. There's a switch. And, watch this, it's not where it's at. I went, "What is that"? It wasn't a pressure point because I kept hitting the pressure point. I kept hitting the thing because it said "cruise control". That's not the switch. See, we're arguing again. But kindness is an active virtue. And when I went... now, watch this. It should not be there. That switch should not be there, because in the other car it didn't have a switch. You just hit the lever, Snap, and it'd come on. You hit the brake, it cuts off. Right? Not this car. This car wants to be smarter. It comes from Harvard and Yale and Duke and Columbia. And I'll show it to you after church. It will blow your socks off. And then it went... "Oh. Oh".

See, that's kindness. Which brings me to the last part. Out of kindness comes love. Comes love, Sister Cathy. Mother Superior. I pardon you. I understand, I got it. "The life which I now live in the flesh, I live by the faith of the Son of God". So the faith of the Son of God has pureness, knowledge, long-suffering, kindness, love. Love is twofold. You must love God and man.

This is a great statement I'm about ready to say. Love always saves the day. And that's simply the truth. Like I said, love is a quality of Jesus' faith and it's twofold. You must love God and you must love man. Now, it's not hard to love God, but sometimes it's hard to love man. You know it and I know it. Bless those that persecute you, pray for those that despitefully use you. Oh, Lord. I mean, those are not easy, but love is way more powerful than what anybody can do to you. That's the power of love. See, when you learn how to release the God kind of faith in your life, anything is possible. Why? Because God said all things are possible to them that believe. Not some things; all things. So whether it's spiritual, physical or financial, it's not greed to believe for all things. Some people think it is. It's not. It could be done spiritually, physically, financially. Why not?

That's the love of God saying, "I take pleasure in the prosperity of My servant. I want to be a blessing". He said, my Lord, "All I want to do is help you if you let Me". Don't that sound like a parent talking to a teenager? "Let me help you". That's what it's all about, my God, because you've been there so you know what I'm talking about. Can I pray for you right now? Father, in Jesus' name, bless the wonderful people that are watching today. Help them in every way, shape or form because everything's already been done according to You, and all we've got to do is walk in it and receive it. Lord, I pray, You said if two of us agree, Well, they're one and I'm two, I'm believing with 'em for what they're believing for. In Jesus' name we pray, amen and amen.
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