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Jesse Duplantis — The Valley of Ono

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Bursting with energy and inspiration, this message from Jesse's early days of ministry will have you laughing your socks off as he challenges you to come out of the valley of 'Oh No!'

In this popular classic, you will learn how committing yourself to Jesus and keeping yourself in His love will take you out of the valley and into the promises of God, 'Oh Yes!'
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  1. Sandra Porter
    23 May 2018 04:57
    + +1 -
    What an awesome sermon ,I have been learning so much! God bless you brother Jesse!
  2. Antoinette
    19 August 2020 15:54
    + 0 -
    Thank you brother Jesse, you have brought my sister and I closer to the Lord. We are so thankful and blessed for listening to your sermons. God bless you and Cathy.