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Jesse Duplantis — Hey! That's My Harvest!

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Hello, ladies and gentlemen. Thank you for tuning in to the broadcast today. Over 20 years ago I preached this sermon I'm about ready to show you. It went all over the world. I was a lot younger and a lot skinnier. And it's titled "Hey! That's My Harvest"! Naming your seed. So many people say, "Would you rerun that sermon"? Because if you don't name your seed, you're not gonna know your harvest. So call a friend, tell 'em to turn that television on. You're gonna learn something today about how to receive a harvest by naming your seed.

I hope you're enjoying this sermon because I sure enjoyed preaching it. I never realized in my life that this sermon would literally go across the globe. Many people come up to me and say, "Brother Jesse, that 'Hey! That's My Harvest!, naming your seed', has really ministered to me". You see, if you don't name your seed, you're gonna lose it. How many times you went by something and, you know, you're not a greedy person, and you just thought it was yours? You know, but you wouldn't say that, but you'd say, "Man, I feel so strong in me". You know why? It was yours. You may have had a seed that you gave, but you didn't name it, and all of a sudden, you begin to pick it up, "That should've been my harvest". That's what I'm talking about today.

Now, when I preached this many, many years ago, people were shocked at that. Now they're using that and many people are receiving the power of God's Word through the spiritual, physical and financial. So what are you believing God for? What do you want from the Lord? I know you say, "Well, I'm sowing a seed, and I'm believing God to be debt-free". Well, when you sow a seed and you give it to the house of God, my Lord, say, "Lord, I'm giving to Your house. I want my house debt-free". I really believe every church in America ought to be debt-free and every person in America ought to be debt-free. Why not? And let me tell you why not. It's not because you're not making enough money, because, see, God will pay you more than anyone will ever pay you.

When you don't name your seed, you lose the things that you really need and want. And the Bible said be not weary in well doing, for in due season you're gonna reap if you faint not. That's what we're talking about, naming that seed, brother. And I name my seed. And I'll tell you what people say, "Do you remember"? You better know I do. And people ask me, "Well, why are you so blessed"? I've named my seed so I get my harvest. Oh, what a blessing of God. Now, stay right there. Bless God, I'm starting to preach here. I can't help myself. I want to show you some things. I'll be back in just a moment to speak another word to you. I hope you're enjoying this. I'll tell you what, I enjoyed preaching it over 20 years ago.
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  1. Bonnie Phillips
    30 November 2018 02:24
    + 0 -
    I have just begun to practice the 4 types of Offerings to God after hearing your Sermon on "Why isn't my Offering working." Still do not understand Seed Offering. How much & to whom? You said to name your seed??? I keep referring to sermon "Hey that's my Harvest. Still unclear. Watch you every Sunday morning. If you read & respond - thank you ever so much.