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2021 online sermons » Jentezen Franklin » Jentezen Franklin - Then Jesus Came

Jentezen Franklin - Then Jesus Came

Jentezen Franklin - Then Jesus Came
Jentezen Franklin - Then Jesus Came

Hallelujah! Woo! Praise God, praise God, praise God, praise God, praise God. Hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah! Do you need freedom? Do you need deliverance? Are you tired of living in Egypt chained to fear, chained to failure, chained to shame, chained to the lies of the enemy about your future? You can call on the name that is above every name, and He'll come running. He'll come running. He has the power to break every chain. When Jesus comes, the tempter's power, Satan's power is broken. When Jesus comes, the demons have to flee. He takes the gloom and turns it into glory. When Jesus comes, what is it?

The last verse of that song says, "Things change". When Jesus comes. For all has changed. I knew it was in there. Comes to stay. Oh, when Jesus comes the tempter's power is broken, hallelujah. When Jesus comes, the demons leaved you. He'll take the gloom, that's been on you like a cloud, with His glory. All has changed. Do you know any of those verses? Sing it. Dark. Could not see. Sing that chorus now. He'll take your gloom. All has changed. Boy, if they could find the words to the second verse, it's about the demon-possessed man. Listen to this, among the tomb He dwelt in misery. Listen to this. He cut himself, this is the funny chord. Then Jesus came.

You've gotta sing the last verse. Well, you're gonna have to give it to me. I know. I want the last one. Unclean, unclean. That's not the last one. We'll go to that. That's the last one. Their hearts were sad. Taken Him away! Bitter tears. Break it, Lord! The tears! He'll replace it with tears of joy. In a moment's time you can change. When Jesus comes to stay. Sing that second verse one more time. Set the captive free. He's the same this morning at Free Chapel. When Jesus comes, the tempter's power is broken. Now, there's one more verse that you gotta sing. I can't make this stuff up. There's a verse that says now men... I think it's the one before the last. So men today. I told you. Passion, lust, and sin. Their broken hearts had left somebody sad and lonely. That's all sin'll do. That's all sin offers. Then Jesus came, He said I'll dwell inside of you. Sing it one more time: When Jesus comes. Sing it with us. Sing it, church.

Now, who wants the change? Who wants to be free? Who's been tormented? Who's been left sad and lonely and broken? Who is in this room today and you need more than another church service? Who is sitting in one of our campuses and if God doesn't intervene, you might even have said "I don't even think I'm going to end it all". Well, the Lord intervenes. We couldn't plan this. There's one person in this group that could've come up with that song 'cause all these young people don't know it. They've never heard it in their life, but it just comes up in the spirit of man. A song you hadn't thought about, you hadn't heard in 40 years it seems like, but the Holy Ghost knows what He's doing, and Jesus has come to break the power of the devil off somebody's life this morning. The hopelessness and despair will flee in His presence, and He's here. He's right there. You know it. You sense it.

I don't have time to play games. I'm not up here fulfilling some job responsibility. This is life or death. This is eternity, heaven or hell. This is peace and joy, depression and defeat and humiliation, and I don't know what you need today, but Jesus is here and if you would humble yourself, if you could get beyond your own pride, if you could get beyond the voice that says worry more about what people think than what God thinks, if you would just hear and obey the Holy Spirit this morning, there's an anointing in this room that can break... I don't believe God would tease us with a song like that, lead us to this point in the service to now just let you leave like you came. I want every person, young, teenagers, old, middle-aged, divorced, married, whatever your status is in life, whatever you're going through, if you know today that you need Jesus to come, you know today that when He comes the power of the enemy is broken, you know because you've tasted of it, you know because you've experienced it, but it's been so long. It's been so long it's like a faint cry from friends and family.

That verse said, "From friends and family". Throw it up. "From friends and family". There is a verse that says that. Throw it up. "From home and friends," whatever, "the evil spirits drove him". Isn't that what the devil does? But Jesus stands as the Father with His arms open wide, and He says come home. Come home, backslider. Come home, ye who are weary. Come home, ye who are heavy laden. It's a heaviness when you don't know and serve and honor Jesus. Sin will beat you down. Sin will age you. Sin will destroy you. The enemy never comes to give you pleasure. He offers the best first and then that which is worse comes later. But Jesus has come to this service and if you're here, and you know you need Him, what you feel is the drawing, the drawing of the Holy Spirit, get out of your seat wherever you are at any of the campuses and come down to the front of the building immediately, immediately.

Come on. Come on. You don't need another church service. You need an encounter of when Jesus comes. Just come and stand. Come and stand. Come and stand. That's it. Come on. Here they come. Here they come. There's a teenager. There's a mom and a teenager. There's a husband and wife that needs to come. There's a college student that's so confused, and you've been dabbling with this and dabbling with that. Just slip out of that seat and surrender. You'll find more joy in the Holy Ghost if He touches you. Just with a little touch of His Spirit, I promise you what you've been looking for, what's missing is only found in Him. You're not the first to have that void, that emptiness. You need to come to Jesus this morning. You need to come to Jesus.

Everyone stand to your feet. Quickly, all over the building in every campus stand to your feet, and I feel like there's about 50 more that just need to get out of your seat. Humble yourself. Don't let your pride voice be stronger than the voice of the Holy Spirit. Sing come, come. Does anybody remember what it felt like? I'm found. It oughta make you shout. You're watching me by television? We wanted you to experience what it's like to be in a Holy Spirit service. And what you're feeling right now is the very presence of the resurrected savior Jesus Christ. Wherever you are, all over the world, all you have to do is call that name, Jesus. And He comes with healing. And He comes with salvation. And He comes with deliverance. There is no curse, there is no power over your life that can withstand the power of the name of Jesus. Call on it, He'll save you. He'll heal you, He'll deliver you, He'll lift you. Call on Him right If you need healing in your body He's the lord that heals me.

I wish you would put your arm around somebody When we've been there. Just clap your hands and praise Him. Clap your hands and praise Him. Clap your hands and praise Him. Oh, hallelujah! Oh, hallelujah. Everybody pray this prayer. Say:

Jesus, wash me, cleanse me, save me. I know you love me. When you hung on the cross, you bled for me. You died for me. And here I stand. I love you. I surrender to you. Come, Holy Spirit. Fill me. Fill me full. I receive your Holy Spirit.

Sing it with great praise to our King! We're gonna sing it one more time. Give Him all the praise. Give Him all the adoration. Hallelujah! Hallelujah!
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