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James Meehan - Kourtney Kardashian Wedding

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    James Meehan - Kourtney Kardashian Wedding
TOPICS: Culture Makers

Brittany: What's up Culture Makers.

James Meehan: What's up Culture Makers.

Brittany: My name's Brittany.

James Meehan: And my name is James.

Brittany: And we're so excited to have you on this week's episode of "Culture Makers".

James Meehan: Culture Makers! Where we make culture, we don't fake culture.

Brittany: Ooh, I like that. Can we get the little hashtag going on in the comments section?

James Meehan: Oh yeah, come on.

Brittany: Here we go. Are you ready? I don't think you guys are ready. This week was popping with all of the pop culture, all the things.

James Meehan: Ooh, I see that.

Brittany: It's happened.

James Meehan: Come on.

Brittany: It's happening. First things first, Courtney Kardashian, Travis Barker are married.

James Meehan: Wow. Full fledge, married.

Brittany: Congratulations.

James Meehan: And the family celebrated during the weekend in Italy. I don't know if you've seen the pictures but the fashion was interesting. It's just like when people wanna go travel, they're like "Oh, I'm gonna wear something comp..." It's just crazy.

Brittany: Is that also the way you do it when you travel? Do you try to...

James Meehan: No, not really.

Brittany: Yeah. I just kind bring my clothes in my closet.

James Meehan: Yap. When I travel I basically wear what I wear when I'm just at home.

Brittany: Yeah.

James Meehan: Where it's like, I'm going all comfy.

Brittany: Yeah, no...

James Meehan: I'm not trying to impress anybody.

Brittany: It was Gothic.

James Meehan: Oh!

Brittany: Crazy.

James Meehan: Oh!

Brittany: Wild.

James Meehan: Oh!

Brittany: And you're just like, oh.

James Meehan: That's amazing. Well, marriage is a really beautiful thing. So, all the well wishes to you all. Hopefully it's a great time.

Brittany: Well wishes. Thank you, Kardashians. We love you.

James Meehan: Making fun of me 'cause I said well wishes?

Brittany: Well wishes.

James Meehan: Wow. Okay.

Brittany: Baby news!

James Meehan: Baby news.

Brittany: Riri had a baby! Ooh, ooh, ooh!

I'm sorry, who?



And then Ed Sheeran announced the birth of his second baby girl.

Come on.

We love Ed Sheer... Do you like Ed Sheeran?

I mean, I don't really know him very well as a person. I really like his music though. I'm sure as a person he's pleasant and genuine. He also could not be. And so, I don't know. But do you enjoy his music thoroughly?

Yeah, I like his music, it's good.

Okay, you dodged a bullet there. But you're a swifty too, right?

Of course. Okay, we're about to...


I'm like an old school swifty.

Moving on, moving on, moving on. Pete Davidson is leaving SNL after eight years.

Yeah, come on.

If you see the picture of his first episode and his last, it's just like, he's grown. We love growth.

It's weird because I just keep getting all these H&M ads on YouTube that are of him. And I guess that's his new gig.


He's no longer an SNL guy. He's an H&M clothing model.

Well, I'm like does it have to do with him and Kim dating that he's like...

Leaving SNL.

Yeah. Like- Or is it just that he's getting off of the sinking ship before it totally capsizes.

Or Kim's just like, you know what, you're too good for this.

Listen, I...

I'm in the conspiracy. I'm thinking' in it.

Oh, that's concerning.

You don't have TikTok conspiracy.

I don't have TikTok.

Got it. Cool, cool, cool. Next up. Oh, I feel 5/50 about this. So Riverdale is coming to an end. Their upcoming seventh season will be the last Here's the thing. Here's the thing. After the third season, I was like what's going on here? And then I really tried to track along, but after I think the sixth season, I was like, yeah I'm gonna give up. But in the beginning they started out so good.

I'm sorry, time out.

You made it all the way through six seasons before you decided to give up?

'Cause I just love the characters.

Oh, baloney!

We love them.

The characters so shallow. Underdeveloped. They're just pretty people. Okay?


At me, tell me I'm wrong.

You're not wrong.

And you may love Riverdale. And that's okay...

It is a little tough. Because all of us are different and that difference is good.

We can't all be alike. That's why the body of Christ exists.

Come on. If everybody was the same, we wouldn't have unity, we'd have uniformity. In order for there to be unity, there has to be diversity. Quote me. Actually, please don't. Don't quote me.

Anyways, I'm kind of sad but it's time to move on, right? Oh my gosh. Okay, this keeps getting brought up 'cause it's still happening. The Johnny Depp, Amber Heard case continues. His lawyers are accusing Amber of manipulating abuse photos. It is so tough. It honestly breaks my heart.

Why? 'Cause it just breaks my heart 'cause it's just like, can we just come to a conclusion? And people be honest. If everyone was truthful in the world, it would be so much easier. So moral of the story, hashtag be honest

Right. Jesus, in the sermon on the Mount, Matthew chapter five talks about how important it is for our yes to be yes and our no to be no.


Meaning that we should be defined by truth telling not fact twisting...


Or story spinning.

Come on.

Because the more that we do that the more unnecessary conflict that gets created. And I think this whole situation with Amber Heard and Johnny Depp is a really good example of what happens when we allow, what I'm gonna say is gonna sound harsh, but I hope that you'll go with me. But it's what happens when we allow sin to dominate our relationships rather than grace. And I think at any point in this situation things could have been different.


Now that doesn't mean that they wouldn't still have to go to trial and deal with their differences.


But I think even as us, as onlookers on the outside watching all of this happen in social media what you're seeing is this natural human tendency to demonize one side and idolize the other side.

Yeah, for real.

And I think as followers of Jesus the wisest thing we can do is humanize every side.


Because every side includes human beings made in the image of God that are full of potential and also full of brokenness.


And so instead of me heaping shame on this side or that side, because my social media feed happens to be crafted in such a way that shows this person as the enemy and this person as the good one.


I just wanna do the best I can to have grace and empathy and compassion for all of them and do what I can to not fuel greater division but actually work towards and pray for reconciliation.

Yeah, for sure. That is so good. All right. Onto our student questions. Are you ready?

Student questions!

Student questions!

Student questions!

Student questions!

Student questions!

Here we go. Here we go. This is my favorite part...

Student questions!

Student questions.

Where we get to hear from you, the students. So, as you're hearing these questions if you think of something, put it in the comment. So in our future episodes, we could cover them. So here we go. Melly asked, "How do I deal with lust as a Christian teen"?

That's a good question.

Great question. Brie?

Okay. You're just looking at me. I was like, "Okay, here you go". Oh my gosh, yeah. So here's the thing. If you're a Christian then you are following the way. You are following Jesus. You are following his truth. So when you are reading in your Bible you know that you need to guard your heart. You know that you need to seek Jesus first above all things. Now when you do these things, that doesn't mean that you're gonna live the most perfect life. You're gonna walk in truth all the time. Because we still live in a sin filled world.

Come on.

So as followers of Christ I think we just need to guard our hearts with everything that we have. And that just doesn't mean like, okay I'm gonna guard my heart and hope it all works out. No, if you need to download special apps that close down those ads or websites or whatever, download them. If you need to have restrictions put on your phone, if you need to have an accountability partner, seek those things out because you can't just say, "Oh I'm just gonna flee from this sin and not do anything about it". You need to have safeguards up as long as guarding your heart with the powerful word of Jesus.

That's great. One of the things I think is helpful in the conversation around lust is actually understanding what lust is.


And what it isn't. Now we would say that attraction and lust are different things. To say that, "Wow that person is really attractive". That's not the same thing as lust.

Yeah. Lust is when we make the decision to place our desires over someone else's dignity. It's when we stop seeing people as people to be loved, and instead they're objects for our pleasure. It's to objectify another person.


This is why pornography can be so harmful, because it actually trains us to see other people as objects for our pleasure...


Rather than human beings made in the image of God. And so my advice is old school, youth ministry advice that has been around from the beginning of time, probably.


And it is to bounce your eyes. So, if you find yourself walking down the street or scrolling through social media and you see something where you realize, if I keep looking I'm gonna start to lust.


Then just bounce your eyes. Right. Look at something different. Maybe you say a quick prayer for that person and ask God to bless them, because it's really hard to lust after someone, if you're praying for them. So that's a thought. I think what oftentimes happens is when we let our eyes linger that's when it turns into lust.


When I continually bring my attention back to that person, over time that's when we start making the choice to see them as someone who their physical appearance is meant to meet my sexual desires.

come on.

And that not at all God's intention.


And so I think what Brittany said is brilliant, guard your heart. Make sure that you fill yourself up with what is good and true, and beautiful, and protect yourself from negative influences. And then when you find yourself starting to look at somebody that maybe is really attractive,


Don't linger, instead bounce your eyes.

Yeah. All right. Our next question says, "Can you give advice..."

Student questions.

Can we get that as a sound blip for when we do future videos? I'm saying...

Come on. Come on.

Yes. Remember that one?


Come on somebody.

Our next student question says, "Can you give advice on how to have peace? Where can we receive peace"?

Ooh, great question.

So if you question that it's in the world, if you think that it's in TikTok, or your boyfriend or girlfriend, then I'm sorry, but you're wrong.

Come on, Brittany, get 'em!

I'm sorry, but you're wrong. The only place that you can receive peace is from the vine, from Jesus himself. And so, how to have peace is to be truly in the word. To be truly deep in your prayer time. To have that time in fellowship where you are just sinking yourself in peace. You have to intentionally put yourself there. You're not gonna be walking in sin or doing all the wrong things and just be like, "Okay, God give me this piece". It may happen.


But you have to continually seek peace every single day.

I'm gonna teach you a quick prayer that I do whenever I find myself feeling a little bit overwhelmed or anxious.


And we're gonna do this together. So I need you to join in with me. The way it's gonna work is we're gonna breathe in and we're gonna breathe out. And so this hand motion is the signaling of the breathing in and breathing out. So as we...

Oh, we're doing the things.

Breathe in, we pray, Lord Jesus...

Lord Jesus,

Have mercy on me. Heavenly Father, speak to me. Holy Spirit, lead me. And so when I find myself in need of peace I will just repeat that prayer three or four times with deep breaths in, deep breaths out. In my mind I'm visualizing myself praying in peace and breathing out anxiety.


And so maybe if you find yourself in a situation where you're nervous, you're anxious, you're overwhelmed, try that prayer.


And then obviously make time with Jesus a part of your everyday routine. Because we become like the people we spend time with.


And Jesus is the prince of peace. So the more time we spend with him through worship, prayer study, even in good Christian community.


The more of his peace we'll be able to receive.

Yeah. So many good nuggets today.

Thank you.

If we can just take away, we got some hashtags. We got some prayer.

Ooh, yeah. The hashtags!

Come on.

Really, those ones.

We gotta do sound blip all the things.

Come on. Sound blipy the blip.

Well, thank you so much Culture Makers for joining us for this week's...

Hashtag chicken nuggets.


Wait, hashtag culture nuggets.

We can't wait to see you next week for next week's episode. Make sure if you have any questions that you would like for us to cover, put them in the comment sections. We would love to answer them. So, with that being said, we'll see you next time.

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