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Watch 2022-2023 online sermons » James Meehan » James Meehan - Is It Possible to Start Over?

James Meehan - Is It Possible to Start Over?

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    James Meehan - Is It Possible to Start Over?
TOPICS: Culture Makers

James Meehan: Welcome to this week's episode of Culture Makers.

Riley Savala: That's our new jingle.

James Meehan: That's our new jingle.

Riley Savala: It's got a little bit of a ringle, and a...

James Meehan: ...tingle...

Riley Savala: In your bones.

James Meehan: This is Riley...

Riley Savala: Hi...

James Meehan: And I'm James...

Riley Savala: This is Riley, and I'm James.

James Meehan: So here's what we're talking about today. We're talking about all things Conor McGregor; Dear Evan Hansen; acne; and how do you start over, when things don't start so great. Are you ready?

Riley Savala: To rumble. Conor McGregor? Who is Conor McGregor?

James Meehan: Speaking of being ready to rumble...

Riley Savala: Conor McGregor. I just made that transition...

James Meehan: Conor McGregor...

Riley Savala: Thanks for stealing it.

James Meehan: Went to the opening pitch at a game, and if this was Football we would have called it a fumble. But the thing about Conor McGregor is he's not a football player or a baseball player. He is a mixed martial arts fighter, one of the greatest of all time. Sadly, he got a little bit out of his lane, threw this pitch that is making its way around the internet because of how bad it was. And a lot of people are laughing at his expense. I did.

Riley Savala: Laugh at his expense?

James Meehan: Many laughs.

Riley Savala: Okay great...

James Meehan: But also I...

Riley Savala: That is what the Bible says, it says "laugh at other people's expense".

James Meehan: No it says literally the opposite.

Riley Savala: Yup...

James Meehan: But, I did come to his defense, because the thing is I did mixed martial arts. So Jim Jitsu, Muay Thai...

Riley Savala: You did?

James Meehan: I wrestled, I did all those things. And the thing about mixed martial arts people is we typically are not very good at like regular sport, athletic things.

Riley Savala: Okay I am also in this boat, I used to do gymnastics, and that's because I was really great at gymnastics, really bad at any other...

James Meehan: Sure, sure. I said sure keep going.

Riley Savala: Really bad at any other sport that involved a ball of any kind.

James Meehan: Right.

Riley Savala: So like soccer, I tried it all. I tried soccer, I tried softball, I tried basketball. Like, I did all of them for one season each, because my dad would never let me quit in the middle of a season.

James Meehan: C'mon, that discipline.

Riley Savala: He's like you gotta finish. Yes...

James Meehan: Grit, resilience.

Yeah, so I wasted a lot of years of my life trying to...

Don't quit, have grit.

That's good. Anyways, back to Conor McGregor

So all this was to say, I came to his defense, cause I was a similar way.

Okay, yeah.

Where it's like when it comes to running high.


Nope, not running high, running fast, jumping high...

Running high, jumping fast.

Or throwing or catching things, I can't do it. If you can't tell, I have glasses. I have really poor depth perception. And so when I attempted to play football, my nickname was Brick-Hands, because I could not see the ball coming. And I'd just throw my hands up, and hope that they're in the right place. The ball would hit, it would fall, it was embarrassing. So all that being said, Conor McGregor, stay in your lane, the rest of use will laugh a little bit, but we gotta remember, he's a human being, made in the image of God. Deserving of dignity, love, and respect. Even when he does things a little bit ridiculous. Thing number two, it's here. We're singing because recently, an incredible Broadway musical just hit the theaters.


Titled, Dear Evan Hansen.

Alright, Dear Evan Hansen.

So good!

So you are a big fan.

Big fan.

Tell Us.

Okay so, here's the deal.

My friend actually introduced it to me this like, past summer.


And she has been listening to it since high school.


We've never seen the Broadway production, and she found the soundtrack, fell in love with it. Well if you've ever heard the soundtrack, and you didn't know the plot, it's like very confusing. It's like so much is going on here, you have no idea.

If all you've listened to is the soundtrack, you're like "Oh, this is a really great story". Then you watch the actual movie, you're like "Oh my gosh what is going on"?

So we were driving on the way to Miami, and we had like a long drive ahead of us. So I did some deep, YouTube researching to find a video, so this is not, you're not allowed to do this.

No, you're not allowed to do this.

Somebody who recorded the Broadway musical, on what I am pretty sure is a like, camcorder from like 2004.

Yeah, yeah.

It's like the worst quality ever, and it's like a video of the production, but the funny thing is we watched the whole thing on YouTube, and it's got like...

Timeout, you watched the entire thing on YouTube while you were driving?

I wasn't driving.

Okay, so you watched it, she listened?



Yeah yeah.

Important clarification kids, be safe.

Yes, yes. They're recording the Broadway production, and every once in a while you just see, it's just filming right here, every once in a while you see. It was just black, and you just hear it, and it just comes back up.

What's funny is my wife did the same thing you did, and I'm pretty sure she found the same YouTube video.

Nice! I love Mandy.

Because she watched the whole thing on YouTube, she's been all about it.

It's so good! But they just released a movie about it, and they just crushed it. They did get rid of one of my favorite songs at the very beginning, and they added...

Which one, the mom's?

Yeah, the mom's. And then they added some song that I...

You didn't like the new song?

No. Here's why I don't like the song, because if you watch this movie and you know anything about the Broadway production, is that character, what's her name? Avanah?


Alana. In the Broadway production she's so unlikable. Like they do that on purpose. She's just supposed to be this...


Student Body President who's like really annoying and like doesn't care that like, what she does affects other people. Like she's just out for like, "I'm just trying to be an achiever, just trying to make it about me".

Right, right.

And so you don't like her through the whole Broadway thing.


And they add that song to maker like, more dynamic and more likable. And then she's got like, depth to her, which is great for her but I...

Yeah but the true thing to life, all of us have depth. We all have a story, and the more you get to know somebody's story, the easier it is to have compassion for 'em.

Oh that's so true.

Yeah, no it is, I know.

Abe Lincoln said something like...

Abe Lincoln? Okay Riley, school us. We were talking Dear Evan Hansen, now we're talking about history.

I don't know the exact quote, it's something like "I don't like that guy, I must get to know him better".



Okay, I see you Honest Abe.

I wrote that down on like the cover of my Bible in middle school 'cause I thought it was so good.


It's an Abe Lincoln quote.

It's ironic that you put an Abe Lincoln quote on the inside cover of your Bible. You Know 'cause inside your Bible are all these great sayings from Jesus. But whatever. So, Dear Evan Hansen, Riley saw it, she's a huge fan. I saw it, I'm also a big fan. The movie was a really great time, it tells, I think, a super powerful message. But also, it tells it in a way I think will shock you, surprise you, and unsettle you in ways that, hopefully, will lead us to question why we do what we do.


Because I think one of the really powerful parts about this movie is the fact that when you see this character who is doing what seems to be really good things.


But for a lot of the wrong reasons. And eventually what happens is it all kind of blows up, and there's a lot of heartbreak, and you know, fallout that come from it. But all that being said, we're fans of it. Now, there's some language and things like that, that we...

Yeah, don't get it.

We aren't the biggest fans of. We don't agree with everything in the movie, because we don't agree with everything in just about any movie.


But, it's one of those things where if you use wisdom and discernment, it might be worth checking out.


Speaking of music, we've got something new. And its a Better View.

Better View.

Better View, the new Switch EP, is out on Spotify, Apple Music, all the places that you listen. Go check it out, it's just some good...

Sounds just like that.

We're on it.

Yeah, we are the singers.

We are Switch music.

Just kidding that's not true, the people that are actually singing the songs, way more talented than we are. But it's a great, positive, life-giving, Biblically-based music that you can listen to in your down time.

It's really good, I personally really like it. I think it's good car ride music.

Ooh yeah.

Like good car ride, but glorify the Lord, but like jamming a little. It's like chill, like roll down the windows.

Just to be clear, we are S.W.I.T.C.H the ministry; Students With Intentions Towards Christ Holiness.

That is not what we stand for.

They are S.W.I.T.C.H. the band; Singers With Intentions Towards Christ Holiness.

No. You made that up

That way you can tell the difference. Hey, comment down below if you've listened to the new EP, Better View, and let us new what you think and what your favorite song is.

What was your favorite song, yeah, I was gonna say that.

All that being said, Better View, it's great. And when you're driving with the windows down, hopefully where you are, it's starting to get cool, Fall weather.


Speaking of Fall weather, Fall has officially started.

It has arrived.

Back last week.

It is here.

So now that we're here in the Fall, here's my question Riley. What is your favorite thing about the Fall? And while she is preparing to answer that question, y'all let us know what's your favorite thing about Fall down below. Riley, go.

I, actually, I'm a big Summer gal.

Oh. Okay

Big Summer gal. So I spend a good portion of my September in denial that it's Fall.


And then I hit this one point, where its like "Alright, I succeed". Is that the right word? I succeed?

I succeed?

Yeah, I secede. Oh secede.

I secede, like you secede from the Union? Like the South did?

I don't know, I give up. I give up, that's what I'm looking for. Yeah.

Oh you give up.

I'm just like, it's Fall now. Okay, it's Fall We experienced, here in Oklahoma, really really great weather this last week.

Yeah, it was incredible.

And it's like, if it could just stay there...


For the rest forever.

Literally forever.

Yeah, I'd be happy. But, I know it's gonna get colder. But anyways. Love the Fall outfits, and I really really love pumpkin flavor things Super basic.

Yeah I knew you were gonna say that.

Yeah, I know.

She's super basic. Okay cool, so what is your favorite thing about Fall, make sure to let us know.

It's also spooky season...

Oh, okay. Spooky season?

Spooky season.

Anything else you want to say about spooky season?

Well we talked about it on Switch Online, but I am going to introduce Vince to some spooky scenes.


We started it off by saying like, we're gonna watch a scary movie, but we figured it would be more fun if I just find all of the scariest clips from my favorite scary movies.

Oh wow

And then just, spook Vince.

That's good, fantastic.

Keep on the lookout for that.

Alright. Switch Online.


Which takes place every week. You can watch the premiere of Switch Online on Wednesday nights at Switch Online, or you can watch it here on YouTube on Sunday mornings. So make sure you're tuned in to Switch Online. Now, I wanna talk about two questions from y'all. Question number one. "Hey, how do you deal with acne".

I am so passionate about this topic.


Because I had horrible acne in high school.


Horrible. I have some like, intense pictures. I actually worked at a spa in high school.

You worked at a spa? Dang, okay lets go.

I was a receptionist at a spa. I was like, kinda their guinea pig, they were trying to like cure my acne. I was open to it. But anyways. So I just wanted to say, I'm currently breaking out right now, if you want to zoom in you can. You don't have to though.

Oh wow, that's...

I'm confident.

Listen, your value doesn't come from the acne on your face.


But it comes from the fact that you've received God's grace.


Some of y'all, you need a better view, you need to learn to see you the way that God sees you.

But for real.

C'mon! Acne!

Bot for real, if you're struggling with acne, just know you're not alone. I think I remember feeling like everybody, like just everywhere you look it's like, everybody's got perfect skin and you're like "Ugh, why is my face look the way that it does". But A, you're your biggest critic

Ooh, c'mon.

I promise you nobody's like, fixated on your face like that. Like, "I see that one pimple that came up right there". Or whatever. B, like, it doesn't define who you are.


What you look like in general doesn't define who you are. Who you are is who God's created you to be, your identity in Christ.


I know that doesn't make it easier when you're dealing with your acne, when you're trying to like cure it, but just remind yourself that whether or not you have acne, whether or not you don't have acne, if you grow out of it, if you don't grow out of it, it doesn't change anything about who you are, or where you should find your identity. But as far as curing acne, the best thing for me was just finding good products that like, didn't have junk in it. So look at the back of your skin care products and make sure there's not fragrance in that stuff. But now I use like Cerave, that's like really popular.

Yeah, I'll remember that.

So, just a little tips for ya cause, I'm currently breaking out and I'm not even wearing make up over it, because I don't care.

C'mon, confident in who she is.

Yes, confident in Christ, CIC.

Ooh, I never got like a huge breakout of acne, I would always just get one giant pimple at a time, that would be freakin' Mt. Vesuvius. Typically right on the tip of my nose

Did you ever try like toothpaste?

Oh, no.

I've heard that that's a thing. I heard that if you put toothpaste on a pimple that it will dry it out.

Oh, interesting.

I used to do it.

I just know that I used to get called Rudolph.

Used to?

Cause I still get the pimples, like every once in a while. And its the worst feeling when I know I gotta record some videos. I got this freaking pimple, and everybody's looking at it and I look like Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.

But remember, not everybody's looking at it.

And I'm not Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. And I'm also not Pinocchio with my nose continuing to grow. I'm a real boy. Moving on to the last question. Riley.


We're about a month or so, month and a half-ish, into the school year. And for most of us you know, we've got some time under us. Some us feel pretty good about the start that we had. Others of us, maybe feel not quite so good. We were hoping to have a really great year, and things haven't looked the way that we wanted them to. So here's the question that some people are asking. How do we at this point start over, when we feel like our first start didn't go so well.

Hmmmm, what a good question. I think its very easy, in so many ways, to kinda get in the routine of school and feel like "Oh no, I messed up. I'm way off of track with my homework. I'm way off of track with my friends. I'm making myself too busy". And you're just like, "I'm too far in, its September and I can't go back". And just a reminder that everyday is a new, like fresh start and you can walk in a new way, today. You don't have to wait til Monday. I love Mondays...

Ooh that's good.

Cause they do start like the new week, but you don't have wait til Monday. Its not like, "Agh, its Monday and I already forgot to study for my test, might as well keep riding this train and wait til next Monday".

Yeah, "I'll start studying next Monday".

Every day is a brand new day to start over, and to just say "Okay, today, I'm gonna-" And start small, start small when you're starting over.

That's good, yeah.

Just like, "Today, what my focus is, is I'm going to set aside an hour so I can work on this class". Or whatever


I have this problem of like, I'm all or nothing in a lot of ways. And so its like "I am going to start working out, start eating healthy, spend two hours of alone time with God". And like all this stuff, all at once, and I like crash and burn. I might be able to do the first day really great, and I'm like "Oh yeah"

But you can't keep that up...


Cause its too big Well its funny cause you talk about that idea of like starting small, I remember in high school I had to like, come up with these weird games to actually get me to study because it was just so dreadful to me. And so sometimes what I would do is I would like, if I lost a match in Call of Duty, I would have to study for 10 minutes. And so then it like made me wanna play extra good, cause its like if I went on a win streak I could go like, you know 5-6 games without having to study then I'd lose and so its like "Okay, cool. Gotta set the controller down and study for 10 minutes". And that was like some of the things I have to do. Like now, as a grown man, sometimes what I do, is like alright after this show, I'm gonna clean for 15 minutes.


And just like, I'll make it really short. So like five, 15 minutes, set a timer, and just go, because those bite sized chunks are a lot easier for me.


And I liked what you said about the idea that everyday is a new day, everyday is a fresh start. So don't wait until Monday, start something new today, because the heart of the Christian faith is about new beginnings. It's because of Jesus, because of the grace that he's offered us, because of his death and resurrection on the cross, that there is nothing in our past that can continue to define us. Instead we are defined his sacrificial death, and he invites in to the new life that he offers. And so whatever it is that you might be wanting to start over, know that a fresh start is available and God wants to work with you in actually stepping into it.

You thought we were just talking about school, but we kinda gospel here. Everything's about the gospel.

That's it for this weeks episode of Culture Makers. If you have questions, leave the down below. Let us know what you're thinking about, what you want us to talk about because we love being in dialogue with you. Don't forget to like, comment, subscribe, share this video with somebody that you know that needs a little bit of a pick me up on a Tuesday. Peace out.
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