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Greg Laurie - How to Start All Over Again

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Do people change? Is it possible for you to change or for me to change? I think we like the idea of change in general. Becoming different than we already are. Maybe you thought if you could move to a new place you would change. I know that Southern California is the destination for many people from around the world. Maybe you thought, "If I moved to Southern California all my problems would go away". And your problems followed you here.

Maybe you are single and you thought, "If I were married I know I would be happy because I am not happy as a single person". Then you got married and you thought, "Well man if I were single again I would be happy". Then you said, "No I need to be married again". You got married again. Then you thought, "Well if I just had kids I know I would be happy". Then you had kids and you are thinking, "If we could just get rid of these kids I know I would be".

See those changes didn't work. Maybe you think a change in your appearance. A new wardrobe. Maybe some cosmetic surgery. Botox is very popular today. The problem is some people put so much botox in their face you don't even know what they are thinking anymore. You know you look at them and you say, "Are you surprised to see me or is that the botox talking"? You know. They are just like this the whole time. They might say, "I am really mad right now but I can't move my face. But trust me when I say I am really mad". That doesn't change you on the inside.

So can you change? Here is the simple answer. Not really. When I say not really you can't change yourself any more than a drowning person can change save themselves. The Bible says, "Can a leopard take away its spots, neither can you start doing good. You always do evil". You know some people say, "The answer is within". The Bible teaches the opposite. The Bible teaches the problem is within. You see the heart of the problem is the problem of the heart. The Bible says, "The human heart is deceitful and desperately wicked". Ok. You can't change yourself but I have good news for you tonight. God can change you. He can make you a different person on the inside.
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