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Greg Laurie - What in the World is Going On?

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Is it true? Are we living in the last days? Are the escalating conflicts going on in our world today the ones Jesus said would be signs of the times? Jesus compared it to labor pains. You girls know, who have had children, that as you got closer to the moment of delivery your labor pains got closer together right? And Jesus said that's how it would be in the end times. There would be these warnings these things that would remind us it's coming, but as we got closer to the actual unfolding of prophetic events these labor pains, or these warning signs, would get closer and closer together. I think we're seeing that happen before us right now. So what are we supposed to do?

The world today can be a very scary place. Seemingly every time you turn on your TV or get a news alert on your phone, it's about the latest natural disaster or threat of global terrorism. It can make you wonder, what in the world is going on? Well today, pastor Greg is going to answer that very question as he looks at what scripture says about living in the last days.
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