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Greg Laurie - The Power of Your Personal Story

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I am here at what is called the high line. It is a park in New York city in an area known as the meat packing district. It is really a cool place because it is sort of elevated above the streets here of the city. In fact this is where the trains used to run. But now it is a gathering place. People from all around the city will come and take pictures and talk with each other. Have lunch. Some will be out jogging. A place where people get together to engage.

In the Bible there is a story in John 4 of a woman who went to a well. Back in biblical times the well was actually the place where you would get water of course. But it was where the women would get together and share the latest gossip of the day. There is a story of a woman who was burned out and immoral and had been married and divorced multiple times. I will talk about this later but Jesus engaged her where she was. Jesus invaded her world. Jesus did not say that the whole world should go to church but he did say the church should go to the whole world.

We need to engage people where they are at. Enter their world so to speak. In John 4 Jesus entered the world of that burned out immoral woman. Do you know what happened? A conversion took place. I might add a very unexpected conversion. You know I have found that there are times when I have engaged people with the message of the Gospel and asked them if they want to receive Christ into their life and they say yes.

Then there are times when I have engaged people with the message of the Gospel and they have said absolutely not. But then there have been times where I have engaged people with the Gospel and they have surprised me by wanting to believe when I did not expect them to believe. You never know what is going to happen. That is why you need to throw the seeds of the Gospel out there to as many people as you can. The Bible says be instant in season and out of season. Or as another translation puts it, be on duty at all times.
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