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2021 online sermons » Greg Laurie » Greg Laurie - The Choice is Yours

Greg Laurie - The Choice is Yours

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There are decisions that everyone has to make in life like what are you going to eat today. What are you going to do today? What are you going to watch on TV? Now some people they think it all of the way through. We could eat here. We could watch this. We could go do that. People you know have their entire life planned out ahead of them. They are those individuals that know what they are going to do every moment of the day or even during the week, the month, all year long. I have got the next five years planned out. Then there are those other individuals that kind of like fly by the seat of their pants so to speak. It is wherever the wind takes me. That is what I want to do. Whatever happens, happens. They eat whatever. They watch whatever. They do whatever. Make no doubt about it.

Everyone has to make a decision in life. You know we have got to really decide some of the big things. When it comes down to what am I going to eat or really even where am I going to work. Am I going to marry? Who am I going to marry? Where am I going to live? But there is even a bigger decision that everyone has to make and that is where am I going to spend eternity? What am I going to do with Jesus Christ? Did you know that Jesus said, "You are either for "Me or against me". Jesus commands the world to make a choice about him. About having a relationship with him.

Let me ask you have you made the choice as to what you are going to do with Jesus Christ. What relationship you are going to have with Him or not have with Him. You know imagine if God were calling your cellphone right now. You have had people call your cellphone before. When they call you can see it ringing. You go well I am going to accept it. So you slide over and you accept the call. But then there are those people that call you and you are like I don't want to answer this right now and you literally watch it ring. By watching it ring that is a form of well rejection. It is not that you are canceling the call but you are not picking it up.

Imagine God calling. Would you slide over and accept? Make the choice to say hey I want God. I want to answer this call. Or are you the type of person that you maybe reject or even just watch it ring? You can't watch it ring forever. You will breathe your last one day. What you do with Jesus well it really counts. And so what I am encouraging you to do today is well slide over. Say yes to Jesus. Have that relationship with him and that is exactly what we are about to watch.

So what choice are you going to make? What decision are you going to make about your relationship with Jesus Christ? Pastor Greg Laurie just gave all of those people that were listening and watching an opportunity to ask Jesus Christ to come into their life and forgive them of their sin. Listen. God is calling you right now. He is calling your cellphone. What decision are you going to make? I know that there are some of you watching that you want to get right with Jesus Christ.

So I want to give you that opportunity right now to know that your sin is forgiven. To go to heaven when you die. To know that the guilt would be removed and that God would come into your life. And so if you want to make that decision would you pray with me right now? We are going to ask Jesus Christ to come into our life and forgive us of our sin. So pray with me now if you would like those things. It is dear Jesus I ask you to come into my life. I believe that you died on the cross and you rose again from the dead. Jesus would you be my God? Would you be my Savior? Would you be my best friend? I commit my life to you now. Would you be my everything? And help me follow you for the rest of my life. I pray this now in Jesus' name. Amen.

Wow. Congratulations. If you just prayed with me right now to ask Jesus Christ to come into your life I have on the authority of God's word God the right to tell you this. Your sin is forgiven. God just came into you and he is now going to be with you and never leave you. He is never going to forsake you. This is what life is all about. You have made the greatest decision I promise out of your life. Choosing to follow Jesus. And so now that you have this relationship with Jesus, now that you have started it, now it is time to move forward in this relationship with him.

Now it is time to start reading your Bible. Then you pray. Then you find a good church to go to. Lastly you let somebody know about this decision you made to follow Jesus. Well hey today I just have to say you have a lot of decisions to make. Choose to well walk forward with Jesus. Choose to let somebody know about what you did. And I know this. That the God of peace is going to be with you. He is going lead you and he will never forsake you. Thank you for watching our program today. We are very excited about what God is doing here and what he is going to do in the future. God bless you and have a wonderful day.
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