Greg Laurie - Jesus Loves You!

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When was the last time that you heard those three simple words I love you. Yeah. You heard me right. I love you. You know we are living in a culture where we don't hear that nowadays too often. Maybe you never heard it growing up. Or maybe you heard it on a regular basis. But to hear those words from somebody I love you I mean it is almost mind blowing. It takes your breath away.

Where you get into those relationships nowadays where you get to that special spot with that special someone and then they utter those words I love you. And it means the world. It seems the world is looking for love. They are searching everywhere to find it. To find a relationship that will offer them a sense of love. That would stop the seeking and stop their pursuing. But I want to say you know the true love that we are looking for, the love that we are made to experience is not going to be found anywhere else but rather in a relationship with God. You were made to know God. To enjoy him. Rather to be loved by God.

You know we are about to join pastor Greg Laurie at Harvest Crusades there in Angel Stadium where he is going to share a message all about the topic of being loved by God. Literally Jesus loves you. He is going to handle this in a way that you would walk away knowing that God loves you and God wants a relationship with you. Maybe you are asking yourself do I know God. Do I know his love? Listen friend. Do not leave us without knowing this. That God loves you. And he wants a relationship with you. Right now we are going to join pastor Greg Laurie at the harvest crusade in the stadium for this special message all about Jesus loving you. God bless you!
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