Greg Laurie - Hope For the Afterlife

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You know Jesus said that we are to go into all of the world and preach the Gospel. What does that mean? It means go everywhere and reach as many people as we can with the good news of Jesus Christ. But let me personalize it for you. It might make it a little easier to wrap your mind around. Go into all of your world and preach the Gospel. You know we all have a world that we live in. We all have a sphere of influence. Our family. Our friends. Our neighbors. They need to hear about Jesus Christ. So we need to go into all of our world and share the good news of who Jesus is.

What is the message that we are to deliver? It is the good news. That is a technical definition of the word Gospel. Good news. Sometimes before people can fully appreciate the good news quite frankly they need to know the bad news. Because Jesus is not just a pleasant additive to a person's life that will give you a little more spring in your step and make your marriage a little bit better and maybe even make your teeth a little bit whiter. Jesus is the Savior and he is the only Savior who will save us from, get ready for it, hell. I know we don't use that word a lot in this day and age. The h word. But it is real. You know Jesus spoke more about hell than all of the other preachers of the Bible put together. Here is the bad news. We are all separated from God by our sin. Here is the bad news. All of us have broken God's commandments again and again and again. Did you know that one sin is enough to keep you out of heaven?

Two thousand years ago God sent his son Jesus Christ on well a rescue mission to walk this planet of ours that he created by the way. He breathed our air. He lived our life. He died our death. Then he rose again from the dead. Now he stands at the door of every human heart and he knocks. He says, "If we will hear his voice and open the "Door he will come in". That is good news. Especially in a world that is so filled with bad news. Good news in a bad world. I want to talk to you personally about how you can have Christ come to live inside of you.
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