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Greg Laurie - A Second Chance for America

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Hi everyone. I am Greg Laurie and I am in central park here in beautiful New York city. I read an article in the paper the other day that pointed out the three things that people search for on Google late at night. Three things. Top three topics. What do you think they are? Number one. Porn. That was predictable. Number two. Lonely. And number three suicide.

That is interesting. I think there is a connection. What does that say? Late at night people are empty, they are lonely, they are out looking at porn. What a waste of time. And they are just feeling this void in their life. And some are even contemplating suicide. I think everybody out there is searching for answers. And you know what? God has answers and he gives them to us in the Bible. If you are a Christian he has commanded you and me and all of us together to go into all of the world and preach the Gospel. Jesus did not say that the whole world should go to church but he did say that the church should go to the whole world. We need to look for opportunities to share our faith as followers of Christ.

But here is something I find interesting also. I know that some of you watching this program right now are not Christians. Actually studies have shown that a surprisingly large number of those that watch Christian television and listen to Christian radio are not Christians at all. They are sort of eavesdropping on our conversation. You might be surprised to know that is how I came to become a Christian myself. I was not raised in a Christian home. In fact I was raised in a crazy alcoholic home. My mom was married and divorced seven times. I lived an insane life for a young kid. I saw things no little boy should ever see. But it got me on a search early in life. A search for the meaning and purpose of my life. And the way I ended up hearing the Gospel was there was a little Bible study on the front lawn of the high school I was attending.

Obviously this was a long time ago. I sat down close enough where I could sort of eavesdrop on the conversation but not so close that people would think I was joining up with the Jesus Freaks because that would be like social suicide. Right. Well sitting there listening I began to hear for the first time the message of who Jesus was in a way that I understood it. I hope that in this program you, some of you who are watching who are not yet believers will hear for the first time the message of Jesus in a way you can understand it.

We are going to take you to a stadium right now where I am presenting the Gospel to thousands of people and this is the same message I would share with you if were sitting down having a cup of coffee together. It is the Gospel. It is good news. At the end of the program I want to talk to you about how you can personally make a commitment to Jesus Christ so you won't have to be Googling empty and lonely anymore. You will have the answer. So watch now as we go to one of our events. We call them harvest crusades.
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