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Greg Laurie — When All Hell Breaks Loose

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Pastor Greg Laurie shares a message entitled, " When All Hell Breaks Loose" about the Great Tribulation period. Pastor Greg reminds us that the Book of Revelation makes sense of our suffering in this life. All things shall pass away but God's Word will never pass away.

Revelation tells us that we "win" in the end. In this chapter, God unleashes His judgement on the earth and He gives Lucifer the key to the "bottomless pit." Satan opens the pit and unleashes the terror of spiritual demonic creatures upon the earth.

After the Rapture, what will life be like for those left behind? Pastor Greg Laurie addresses that question. He explains the upheaval after the Church and its preserving influence are removed. It's another eye-opening study from his Revelation series.

The Devil knows what we find most tempting, and he exploits it! Pastor Greg Laurie explains our enemy's enticements are subtle and effective. He points out how to resist our spiritual adversary, especially given the times in which we live.

If we fashion our own god after our image, we shouldn't be surprised when it can't help us in our time of need. And Pastor Greg Laurie says that kind of idol worship is one of the five big sins that will be present during the Tribulation Period. Listen in for strong insights about the unfolding of God's End Times plan.

God has given believers the secrets of the world and Bible prophecy is being fulfilled. When we read, study, and keep the Word of God, it will affect our lives and we will be blessed. Pastor Greg shares the advantages to studying bible prophecy and the Book of Revelation.
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