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2021 online sermons » Greg Laurie » Greg Laurie — What Jesus Thinks of the Church

Greg Laurie — What Jesus Thinks of the Church

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Backsliding is a slow, almost invisible danger. We let our guard down here... and make a little compromise there. Pastor Greg Laurie says that's a trap. Today, he points out how to spot that downward slide and stop it before it ruins our Christian witness.

What does it take to stay on fire in our relationship with the Lord? Why is it so common for that relationship to cool down? Pastor Greg Laurie addresses those questions. We're exploring the Lord's words to a backslidden church in the book of Revelation.

Pastor Greg takes a look at the early church and what Jesus says to them in Revelation Chapter 2, making practical applications to us, today. Greg gives some characteristics of people who love God and points out that Jesus says, "I know what you are going through; I know how hard you have worked for my sake" and warns us to guard against letting our love for Him grow cold.

How is it that some go from the feeling of euphoria as a new believer to the guilt and desolation of a life far from Christ? Pastor Greg Laurie points out what causes us to fall away from the Lord... and explains how to put a stop to it! Insights from the Lords words in Revelation.
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