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Greg Laurie — What God Is Like?

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God has His eyes on us all the time. Today, Pastor Greg Laurie points out, it's only because He loves us so much. We'll consider a familiar blessing in the book of Numbers and what it tells us about God's constant care.

If money solved life's problems, rich people would never have their problems splashed across the news! Pastor Greg Laurie shows us how life is naturally troublesome... but there's help in an ancient promise recorded in the Scriptures.

What is God like? Is He a smiling God or a frowning one? How does He look at us? Does He approve or disapprove of us? Join Pastor Greg as he opens the Word of God and speaks us about What God is like.

Pastor Greg Laurie brings us good insight on a familiar phrase in Scripture: "God will keep us." Within those four short words is a promise that can hold us securely in any storm!

Happiness can come and go. It ebbs and flows depending on what kind of day we're having. But Pastor Greg Laurie says the blessings of God are constant and dependable. Pastor Greg brings us a revealing look at God and His mercies.

God's blessings are within easy reach. So what's keeping us from them? Pastor Greg Laurie says it's a simple act of our will... we haven't yet made the right choice! Today, Pastor Greg brings important insight on the power of personal choice from his series "The Greatest Stories Ever Told."
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