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Greg Laurie — Wasted Potential: The Story of King Saul

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King Saul was a man with great potential, but who ultimately lost it all because he stood against God. He teaches us that it doesn't matter how strong you start if you don't finish strong too. Join Greg as he shows us in 1 Samuel how Saul played the fool in the end, and how you can avoid making the same mistake.

People don't generally wake up in the morning and decide to commit a really big sin. Sin sneaks into our lives in small ways... and grows! Pastor Greg Laurie shows us a case in point in one of the Bible's "Greatest Stories Ever Told."

So many people question God's rules and naively disobey them thinking there are no consequences. Pastor Greg Laurie shows us that God's instructions pave the shortest pathway to our fulfillment and success.

So many like the positives of the Christian life - grace and mercy and love - but they'd like to skip all the talk of self-sacrifice and "taking up the cross." Pastor Greg Laurie points out that the precepts of the Christian faith can't be ordered a la carte! Tune in for important insights as we begin a study of the life of King Saul.
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