Greg Laurie — The Way to Up Is Down

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In God's economy, he who gives, gets! And the way to self-fulfillment is seeking the fulfillment of others. Pastor Greg Laurie helps us explore this upside-down way of living.

We have a different paradigm to follow given to us by God in His Word. You can call it the divine paradox, because in God’s economy the way to up is down. If you want to be great, you learn to be humble. If you want self-fulfillment, you seek the fulfillment of others. The way to happiness is sadness. There is no greater example of this upside-down life than Jesus Christ Himself.

Jesus humbled Himself, and condescended to be one of us—to the point of being violently murdered by His own creation. Will you humble yourself, setting aside your pride, to follow and serve Him with your whole heart?
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