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2021 online sermons » Greg Laurie » Greg Laurie — The Importance of Right Choices

Greg Laurie — The Importance of Right Choices

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The choices we make today affect our lives tomorrow, and even into eternity. How then can we make choices that are good and right? Pastor Greg Laurie discusses the importance of making good decisions from a biblical worldview, using the examples of Abraham and Lot.

Pastor Greg says that we all have a multitude of choices to make every day and that our choices are binding in eternity. Greg uses the lives of Abraham and his nephew Lot to illustrate how the three C's—Challenges, Choices, and Consequences—work in our lives.

What keeps most believers from sharing their faith? Pastor Greg Laurie has the answers Friday on A NEW BEGINNING. He offers important insight that'll help you feel motivated and equipped for the most important responsibility God has given us.
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