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2021 online sermons » Greg Laurie » Greg Laurie — The Foolish Wise Man

Greg Laurie — The Foolish Wise Man

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The Bible warns that if we sow the wind we'll reap the whirlwind. Yet some confidently choose that course. Pastor Greg Laurie shows us how Solomon had a time of reckless abandon, and found it futile and tragic. We'll see what we can learn from his mistakes

Who is the wisest person that ever lived? That’s right, Solomon. Pastor Greg says that King Solomon started out well, seeking to please God and rule over his people wisely, more than riches and honor.

In this message Greg tells how Solomon’s life soon went downhill as he set out to find the meaning of life. He did everything he could possibly imagine to do, compromising all his morals in the process. He concluded that everything just leads to emptiness and boredom, and regretted wasting his life trying everything. Pastor Greg shares Solomon’s final words of advice in light of all his experiences.
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