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2021 online sermons » Greg Laurie » Greg Laurie — Reaching the Whole World (Not Just Ours)

Greg Laurie — Reaching the Whole World (Not Just Ours)

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Is Jesus your Lord? If He's your Lord, He's in charge, right? How are you doing in following His instructions on sharing your faith? Pastor Greg Laurie shows us what can happen when we surrender to God and let Him use us to reach other people.

Sometimes people resist the Good News. They just don't want to listen. Maybe we resisted when we first heard the message! Pastor Greg Laurie says it's a message that has be delivered - lives depend on it!

Pastor Greg Laurie says Jesus died for friends and enemies alike... and He wants us to share the Gospel with our friends and enemies alike. It's a look at stepping outside our comfort zone to do what the Lord asked us to do!
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