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Greg Laurie — How to Find Eternal Life

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What is the most important goal in your life? When the current generation was asked this question, these three answers were at the top: to get rich, be famous, and have power.

Pastor Greg uses the story of a commander named Naaman who had all of those things and more. But when Naaman was diagnosed with leprosy, he realized that those things had no value and what he needed was the God of the Bible—not just to heal him, but to fulfill what he really needed: closeness to Him and eternal life. This message is titled "How to Find Eternal Life," from pastor Greg's series The Greatest Stories Ever Told.

The gospel is a simple message... and it's a gift that's free. Pastor Greg Laurie says some people wonder, "What's the catch?" We'll see how to share the message that some think is too good to be true.

Below the surface, everyone wrestles with the same things: loneliness, emptiness, guilt. And Pastor Greg Laurie says those needs can only be filled by a relationship with Christ. Pastor Greg shows us how to connect with those who need the Lord... and EVERYONE needs the Lord!
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