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2021 online sermons » Greg Laurie » Greg Laurie — Better Than Happiness

Greg Laurie — Better Than Happiness

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Happiness is when we find our purpose in the will of God. We can we live a life that matters, a life that brings glory to Jesus. Pastor Greg gives us the keys to happiness, contentment, and finding joy in every circumstance of life.

Is it possible to have joy no matter the circumstances... no matter who's let us down, or what health or financial challenges come up? Pastor Greg Laurie says "yes!" and he explains how. Tune in for the start of his revealing new series "Better Than Happiness."

Few of us go looking for trouble... it seems to do an adequate job of finding US! But Pastor Greg Laurie says life's crises and calamities don't have to rob us of our joy. The paradox of finding joy in the midst of our troubles.
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