Greg Laurie — A Lot with a Little

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Ever feel under-equipped to serve the Lord in a big way? Pastor Greg Laurie says "the calling of God is the enabling of God." We'll see how God has used many unlikely candidates to do great things for His Kingdom. Great encouragement

How does God choose the people He will work through? What qualities does He look for in a man or woman? Why does God use the most unexpected people and the most impossible situations to do His will? Join Greg in Judges 6 and find out why God chooses to use a little to accomplish a lot.

Sometimes, a crisis can come upon us and it seems there's no way out. Pastor Greg Laurie says God specializes in finding a way when there seems to be no way. Pastor Greg continues his series "The Greatest Stories Ever Told" with a look at Gideon and how God delivered a victory in an impossible situation.
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