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2021 online sermons » Greg Laurie » Greg Laurie — What Happens Beyond the Grave?

Greg Laurie — What Happens Beyond the Grave?

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After we die, we all make it through to the afterlife. But do we know where we're going after that? Pastor Greg Laurie answers some of the common questions about eternity, including the most important: how do we make sure we're going to heaven?

Do all roads lead to heaven as some say? Pastor Greg Laurie brings us the truth straight from the pages of God's Word. Wednesday on A New Beginning, we'll see what happens beyond the grave and how to make sure we spend eternity with God.

Although our salvation was paid for by Christ, our heavenly reward will be determined by our faithfulness in serving God. Are you using your time, treasure and talent for the Lord? It's a look at what happens beyond the grave? Get the insight you need.
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