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2021 online sermons » Greg Laurie » Greg Laurie — What Every Christian Needs to Know about Prayer

Greg Laurie — What Every Christian Needs to Know about Prayer

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Prayer may be one of the most neglected privileges in the believer's life. How can we make the most of our prayer lives? Pastor Greg Laurie answers that question. It's a study dedicated to keeping prayer firmly in focus.

To some, prayer seems mysterious and intimidating. Pastor Greg Laurie says we'll feel differently about prayer once we realize just how much God WANTS us to come to Him! Listen online for an important study from Pastor Greg's "Essentials" series.

Pastor Greg says that, as a Christian, if you are not growing spiritually, you are regressing. He gives some time-tested advice on how to make sure you are moving forward in your spiritual life. And don't be surprised if the benefits spill over into your physical life as well.

Why do some succeed and become stronger while others fail or struggle? Pastor Greg Laurie answers, "Because of choices that we make daily. We make choices, but eventually those choices make us." Every believer has to go forward in his or her spiritual life to become stronger. We must discipline and apply ourselves to pray, read, study, love, and memorize the Word of God—in doing this our hearts fall into worship of our heavenly Father.
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