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2021 online sermons » Greg Laurie » Greg Laurie — Turning the World Right-Side Up

Greg Laurie — Turning the World Right-Side Up

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Sin affects everything and there is no escaping it. Satan has been given temporary reign and power in this world, but God's time is eternal and the day is coming when He will make all things right.

Pastor Greg encourages Christians to redeem our time with the freedom and liberty we have been given; investing our lives, finances, and time for the Kingdom of God as we face the last days. "If we are faithful to Him now, we will be rewarded then," says Pastor Greg.

Pastor Greg Laurie answers the question, "Why are things the way that they are?" He explains that there will be a time when this upside-down world will be put right, during the millennial reign of Christ. In light of this, Pastor Greg asks us to examine what we are doing with our lives. How are you using the gifts, opportunities, and resources God has given you? Some people are setting the world on fire, while others are still looking for a match.

We long for things to be put right in this world. Will there ever be a time of peace and prosperity, when things will be as they should be? Pastor Greg looks at the time when Christ will come and turn the world right side up.
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