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Greg Laurie — The Power of Forgiveness

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What is God's master plan? It is discovered through the door of forgiveness. To forgive is to surrender and to leave matters in God's hands. Forgiveness sets a captive free... you! We are commanded to forgive in Ephesians 4:32. Forgiveness is the key to happiness and we can forgive because we have been forgiven.

Pastor Greg teaches the power of forgiveness through the example of David in 2 Samuel 9. David was tired of fighting and he wanted to end it. You know what else? He didn't want to deal with his enemies the way they had dealt with him. He wanted to forgive his enemies. Even before all the experts figured it out, David knew the power of forgiveness.

If given the choice, some would choose vengeance rather than forgiving an enemy. But Pastor Greg Laurie points out that Jesus modeled the appropriate response as he hung from the cross. Tune in for an important discussion of forgiveness from Pastor Greg's series, "The Greatest Stories Ever Told."
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