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Watch 2022-2023 online sermons » Greg Laurie » Greg Laurie — The God Who Suffers

Greg Laurie — The God Who Suffers

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TOPICS: Sufferings

Why did Jesus have to suffer and die? To satisfy the the righteous demands of God and reconcile us to the Father-this was His ultimate purpose. The death of Christ accomplished redemption, the eternal plan of salvation, and the sacrifice of His Son made complete-bringing forth the infinite and greatest good. Because Christ suffered, He understands our suffering and we are never alone or beyond reach.

As Jesus hung from the cross, it was painful to breathe, let alone speak. And yet He uttered seven final statements. Today, Pastor Greg Laurie points out each is a mini-sermon, filled with insight. We'll examine those statements and what they mean for us today ...

Pastor Greg Laurie points out it was God's plan all along that His Son would give His life for our sins. It wasn't some kind of plan gone awry. We'll see how that Divine plan was designed long ago to give you a path to heaven!
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