Greg Laurie — The Birth of Christ

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Pastor Greg takes a look at Jesus Christ in the Old Testament. He explains how the Old Testament not only points to the coming Messiah, but how there are also appearances of Jesus, Christophanies, throughout Old Testament. Pastor Greg continues his series The Greatest Stories Ever Told with a message titled "The Greatest Story Ever Told, The Birth of Jesus Christ."

Although some find it surprising, the Son of God made cameo appearances in Scripture, even in the Old Testament. Pastor Greg Laurie helps us spot those moments when men came in close contact with The Son of Man.

When Jesus was born, God became man. He arrived fully human, yet fully God. Pastor Greg Laurie delves into this fascinating mystery. It's a close look at the character and attributes of God's Son, the Son of Man

Pastor Greg Laurie points out that Mary, the mother of Jesus, was just an average teenage girl. Unremarkable. Until the remarkable happened! Pastor Greg continues his series, "The Greatest Stories Ever Told," we'll see how God does remarkable things with unremarkable people.

Caesar Augustus (which means "worthy of worship") thought he was the "savior of the whole world." It was during his reign that the real Savior, Jesus, was born; so, like Pastor Greg says, "In a time when man wanted to be god, God became a man." Greg offers many valuable insights as he takes a new look at the account of Jesus' birth and the surrounding events in Luke 2.

As Pastor Greg continues his series The Greatest Stories Ever Told, we see that all of the stories up to this point have been prequels to this one story, “The Great Story Ever Told,” the story if the birth, life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. We are going to look at Jesus’ ministry while He was in His human form on earth. The first Christmas was not about giving gifts. It was about the gift of the Son of God.
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