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2021 online sermons » Greg Laurie » Greg Laurie — The Best Is yet to Come!

Greg Laurie — The Best Is yet to Come!

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I think we would all agree in noting that we live in a youth obsessed culture today. We are absolutely so focused on what youth is thinking, what youth is doing. And even those who have been around for awhile like my generation some of us still think we are young, but we are not. I mean the anthem of my generation, the baby boomers was, "Forever young". We can't sing that anymore. The rolling stones are still touring as you have noted. They are still singing that song, "Time is still on my side". No it is not. Keith Richards alone answers that. Now even Mick is looking pretty old.

So we need to understand that we are getting older. That is not a bad thing. It is funny how we look at age as we get older. When you go up to a little child and say, "How old are you"? They will say, "Three and a half". I love how they put the and a half in there. That is very important to them. Then they enter into their preteen years and maybe they are 12 or 13. You say, "How old are you"? "I am going to be 16". How old are you though? "Thirteen but I am going to be 16". That is the big age. Sixteen. Then when you finally reach 16 adulthood arrives and it is very official. You become 21. They became 21. Sort of like a ceremony.

Then things start going downhill. Have you ever noticed that? You become 21 but then you turn 30. I don't become 30. No. He turned 30 the other day. Wait a second. You become 21. You turn 30. Then you are pushing 40. How old are they? They are pushing 40. You become 21. You turn 30. You are pushing 40. Then you reach 50. Then you make it to 60. How old are they? They made it to 60. Then you build up so much speed. Boom. You hit 70. Then you hit your 80s and it becomes a day by day thing. You hit Wednesday. Then when you are in your 90s you hit lunch. Maybe if you make it past 90 and you make it to 100 someone asks you, "How old are you"? You say, "Well I am 100 and a half". You start over again.

I heard about an elderly woman who was 104 years old. She was asked by a reporter, "What do you think is the best thing about being 104 years old"? She thought about it for a moment and said, "Well there is no peer pressure". That's true. Then another trait of getting older is you start losing things. Right. And forgetting things. I lost my phone the other day. I have an iPhone. I looked everywhere for it and couldn't find it. I called it. How many of you have called your own phone trying to find it? The phone didn't answer. Where have I left it? I have this feature called find my phone. I went and activated it. I looked at this map and it was my house. My phone was in my house according to the map. There is a little chime that you activate that goes off. I found it in the chair I had just been sitting in.

I had to go to satellite technology to find my phone in my chair. I have noticed that when a phone is not on. In other words if it is on mute that if you hit this thing the little chime will go off. It also works very well as find my wife. I don't know why but my wife always has her phone on mute. I call her. At least that is what she tells me. I am beginning to wonder. "Oh Greg Laurie. I don't really want to talk to him right now". You forget things too.

I heard about an elderly couple that were getting ready to go to bed and the wife said, "Oh honey I am In the mood for ice cream. I want an ice cream sundae. Would you be a dear and go get me one"? "We don't have any ice cream in the house". "All right. What do you want"? "Well I want vanilla ice cream and chocolate syrup". "Ok. I will go get it". "Oh honey I want whipped cream on it. Write it down. You forget things". He says, "I have got it. Ice cream sundae, Chocolate syrup, whipped cream". "Oh I just thought of something else. I want a cherry on top. Write it down. You always forget". "I have got it. Ice cream sundae, chocolate syrup, whipped cream, and the cherry on top. I got it". "Write it down". "I don't need to write it down". He went out and was gone for about 45 minutes. He came back. She was already in bed. He handed her a bag. It was a ham sandwich. She said, "Honey I told you to write it down. You forgot the mustard". It kind of works out when you are both losing it.

I am actually not going to preach a sermon today. I am just doing really bad stand-up comedy. Billy Graham was once asked the question, "What has been the greatest surprise of your life"? His answer was, "The brevity of it". I think as you get older you really start seeing it. When you are young time seems to move so slowly. As you get older the years go by. It is like, "What? Is it Christmas again"? Then another decade goes by. But listen. As Christians we do not have to dread the passing of time. We do not have to dread getting older because if we have made the right choices and we have walked with God we can know that no matter we are facing right now the best is yet to come.
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