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2021 online sermons » Greg Laurie » Greg Laurie — Revelation Rewind

Greg Laurie — Revelation Rewind

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Of all the prophecies written in the Bible, about half of them have already come to pass. The book of Revelation reveals prophecies, offers blessing, and extends an invitation to believe. Pastor Greg gives a flyover of the entire book of Revelation outlining the things that have taken place, the things that are, and the things which will take place.

When people speak the truth, it can sometimes come across as brash and abrasive. But Pastor Greg Laurie says Jesus speaks the truth lovingly. We'll consider some of the most important truth in the Bible in Pastor Greg's summary study in Revelation.

When you're watching a video and you want to get an instant replay, what do you do? You "rewind," right? Pastor Greg Laurie hits the rewind button for a fast-paced overview of what we've studied in Revelation. It's the finale to his comprehensive study of the final book in the Bible.
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