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Greg Laurie — How to Lead Others to Jesus

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How can we lead people to Christ? Share your story! The simple truth of your testimony may be the bridge to share the Gospel. Reaching out to others gives hope and brings the opportunities to plant a seed, water it, or reap it by leading others to put their faith in Jesus.

What's the best way to lead others to Jesus? Pastor Greg Laurie says we should follow the lead of Jesus Himself! Pastor Greg takes a look at the way Jesus shared the hope of heaven. It's some of the most practical evangelism insight you'll hear.

As believers, we know we're to let our light shine for unbelievers to see. But Pastor Greg Laurie says that's not enough on its own. We need to clearly share the Gospel. He says, "We need to pop the question." Friday on A NEW BEGINNING, Pastor Greg helps us know when to ask if someone wants to invite Jesus in their life. Tune in for important insight!
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