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Greg Laurie — Evangelism, Jesus Style

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Greg Laurie delivers a message titled, “Evangelism, Jesus Style” where he talks about how we are called to go to all the world and preach the gospel in the same way Jesus did.

Right now, this very moment, there may be someone in your circle of influence that God wants you to help. They're carrying the burden of their sin and the Lord wants you to share the hope of Christ. Pastor Greg Laurie offers practical help on how to do that most effectively.

Have you ever hesitated in sharing the Gospel with someone? Pastor Greg Laurie says, in doing that, we're denying that person the opportunity to experience the joy we know as believers! Friday on A New Beginning, important insight on sharing our faith effectively.

What's the right way to share our faith with others? How can we be most effective in delivering that Good News? Pastor Greg Laurie answers that question Tuesday on A NEW BEGINNING. It's a practical lesson from his series, "Tell Someone: You Can Bring Others to Jesus."
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