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Watch 2022 online sermons » Greg Laurie » Greg Laurie — Apocalypse Now

Greg Laurie — Apocalypse Now

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TOPICS: Apocalypse

Is it time to change our ways? Judgment is coming with a chain reaction. A message of encouragement to live godly lives and see things from an eternal perspective that we may be ready for the return of Christ.

God is loving, but God is also holy. Pastor Greg Laurie points out, God's holiness tolerates no sin ... but His love welcomes a repentant sinner with open arms. Thursday on A New Beginning, Pastor Greg points out how those attributes play an important role in the unfolding of Last Days events.

Pastor Greg Laurie says, as we draw closer to the Last Days, prayer becomes our lifeline. Monday on A New Beginning, tune in for an important study of how prayer can keep us closely connected to our Heavenly Father.
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