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Watch 2022-2023 online sermons » Frankie Mazzapica » Frankie Mazzapica - Proof You Are Anointed

Frankie Mazzapica - Proof You Are Anointed

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    Frankie Mazzapica - Proof You Are Anointed
TOPICS: Anointing

Thank you for tuning in today. My name is Frankie Mazzapica. The title of the message is "Proof You Are Anointed", Proof That You Are Anointed. What is the anointing of God? Sometimes the church world will start throwing out some Christianese terms out there, assuming everybody knows what they mean, and oftentimes we ourselves aren't even really sure what it means. But let me tell you what the anointing is. In the Bible, any time a priest would pour anointing oil upon someone, it would come out of, like, a ram's horn. They would put the, like, olive oil or a type of oil, we call it olive, but we would just pour it out, and when it hits the top of their head, they're never again the same.

Samuel poured oil on top of David, and he was anointed to be king. So when we talk about the anointing, that's where it stems back from. But the anointing oil without the power of God is nothing but olive oil. The power of God, that is a visual, a visual, something we can look at, something we can feel, to experience something that we cannot see. The anointing oil is this, it's tangible, you can hold it, the olive oil, you can hold it, you can smell it. But now, the anointing no longer just comes out of a ram's horn, it comes straight from God onto you. See, there's two ways that you can receive an impartation of power into your life, two ways that you can receive an anointing on your life. The first way is when someone who has an anointing lays their hands and prays for you.

In Romans chapter 1, verse 11, Paul says, "I can't wait to visit you," it was a letter, "I can't wait to visit you so that I may impart a gift to you that will help you be strong in the Lord". And so he's saying when I lay my hands on you, this is how it's going to work. But then there's another way that you receive an anointing, an endowment of power, of strength, an anointing. It's directly from God to you. God does not use a man in the process or a woman in the process. The example is in 1 Kings chapter 3. Solomon was laying in his bed; all of a sudden he has a vision, and the Lord asks him, "What do you want"? And he says, "I want wisdom," and there was an anointing that was given to him at that moment to have supernatural wisdom.

So the anointing, when it is in effect and it's doing its thing, it's moving through you, it's moving through your words, your hands, when it's working in your life, it, the anointing, the anointing is defined as having the power to make a lasting impression. That's the definition of anointing. So when you speak and all of a sudden someone just happens to start loving the Lord as you are telling your story, your testimony, that's the anointing flowing out of you, because they are being drawn towards God. When they live around you and they all of a sudden want their standards to be elevated because you're inspiring them to do so, without having to preach at them and make them feel bad, that's the anointing flowing through your life.

See, when the anointing's flowing through your life, the way you live your life is more powerful than the things that you say. When the anointing is flowing through your life, when people are around you, they feel compelled to raise the standards in their life. They feel compelled to begin to adjust their moral compass, to start living right. When they're around you, they're open to the things of God. These are the things that happen when the anointing is flowing through your life. There's proof that you are anointed when your compassion begins to burn with passion, when you begin to see people and it breaks your heart. You're not okay with that story.

When you see a friend or you see someone who is broken, their life is in shambles, your heart hurts, and you have a desire to reach out and help them. Your desire reflects the fact that you are anointed. Some of you in this room may think, "There's no way I'm anointed, because I say things I shouldn't say, I do things I shouldn't do. I'm constantly messing up". Your desire tells the truth. See, when your desire is to worship God, your desire is to be righteous, you want nothing more than to live a holy life, then the Lord sees your heart, he sees your desire, and it's a reminder to him that you still feel a call towards him.

You see, a storm came through our area recently, and a bunch of bushes were dying, and I was talking to a friend of mine. I said, "I think that that bush is dead; I might need to go rip it out of the ground, go burn it". And he reached into his pocket and he pulled out a pocket knife, and he walked up to the bush and he just kind of peeled off the outer layer of the bark that was surrounding the branch. And he peeled it off and he looked at it and he looked in there, and he goes, "Look, it's still green in there".

See, things may look dead, but there's life pumping in there. I want to say to those of you who are parents, I know your children may look like they're going crazy, but there's still green in there, there's still life in there, there's still green in there. You're looking at the outside; God's not concerned. In Philippians chapter 3, verse 20... no, 2, verse 13, it says, "I am working in you, I am working," ba-boom, ba-boom, ba-boom, ba-boom, "I am working in you. I'm not just abiding in you, I'm working, boom-boom, like blood pumping through your veins. I'm working in ya, working, working, giving you the desire. I'm giving you the desire and the power, and the power". It's frustrating when you have the desire but you don't have the power. "I'm giving you the desire and the power to do what pleases me".

See, you know that you are anointed when you have this desire for the things of God and you hate the things of the world. You hate it. You get frustrated when you get stumbled up with silly things. You get mad at the enemy when he baits you into something. You get angry about it. This is proof that you're anointed. This is proof that you've been called by God, He's calling you, he's drawin' you, and you get upset when the trajectory is flat. When you get upset that you're not accelerating as fast as you want to go, that is proof that you're anointed. See, God is an interesting being, because the closer you get, the more you want to get closer. He's a phenomenon. When you finally find him, then you go looking for more of him. This is who God is, and this is proof that you're anointed. It's proof.

Now, what's powerful about this, in Isaiah chapter 10, verse 27, it says that "the anointing breaks the yoke". The anointing breaks the yoke. What is the yoke? See, a yoke is something that you put on the shoulder or around the neck of cattle, and oftentimes when you have two cows or two bulls or whatever pulling, obviously I'm not a farmer, but I'm... just let me focus on the yoke, let me get back to my wheelhouse. But when you got two cattle, two bulls... how do I say that? Oxen, whew, glad I asked. Two oxen pulling, you put a yoke on them, a big board with two holes in it. And so that way, they walk together and they move together. But when somebody has that yoke on them, they're depressed, they're down, they feel bad, they have anxiety, they have low self-esteem.

When all that is on them, you can't just shake it off. Okay, boom, boom, boom, pew-pew-pew-pew-pew. You can't just do that, because that yoke is actually from the enemy. Whoom, boom, thoughts that make you go down is coming from somewhere down below. Hear me say that: thoughts that make you feel down is coming from somewhere down below. That is a yoke, boom, it is being put on you, and you cannot take it off. You can't go eat chocolate, you can't go eat a bunch of ice cream or drink 14 bottles of wine, which many people have tried to do. None of those things will get that yoke off your shoulders. The only thing that will get that yoke off your shoulders is for you to allow the anointing within to pour out of your mouth.

The anointing does not pour out of your ear. I know this sounds silly, but work with me here. Just be patient. The anointing does not pour out of your nose. It doesn't, it doesn't sit in your mind and fall out of your ear. It comes out of your mouth, so if you do not say it, it does not happen. It has to come out of your mouth. The anointing, the power that is in you, has to come out of your mouth. You have to say, "Devil, you're a liar". You have to say it. Say it with me three times, one, two, three: "Devil..."

All right, well, that was my fault. I got us all mixed up, one person was saying liar, the other person was saying devil. Devils didn't know where to run, they're just running in circles. Let's all say it together, three times, real loud. Let's just take all, let's just be real humble at this moment, okay? We're all seven years old, so let's say it real loud. One, two, three: devil, you are a liar. Devil, you are a liar, come on. Devil, you are a liar. This is what you gotta say: "I want this yoke off me, I want this yoke off me. Devil, you're a liar".

I was in New York City a couple of weeks ago, and I was walking down, what's that big, where the ball drops? Broad, Broad, Broad, yeah, Times Square, Broadway, all that kind of stuff. And I'm walking, I walked past this one particular place. You know, when I'm walking down there in Times Square in New York, I'm just like you... Just looking at billboards, and "They sell pizza by the slice for 99 cents"! Do you know how many pizzas I ate? "I'll take another one, I'll take another one". My wife was like, "Aren't you full"? "Yes, I am, but it's only 99 cents"! Take another one, take another one, take another one. There was this one moment, though, there was this one moment, I was walking by something, and man, I felt like there were demons hanging off the wall of that place, just, like, swinging on, you know, on the... what's that, overhang, porte-cachère thing, just swinging right next to the sign, just demons everywhere, like, "Ahhh".

I couldn't see 'em, but I was just walking around, "Where's the 99 cent pizza, where's it at," and I was just like, "What, what is going on? I feel dirty". Have you ever felt... I feel dirty, I feel dirty. Yeah, I literally started going like this... "Get off me, get off me, get off". I started doing it like this, and you're just like, "Did you look stupid"? No, I was in New York. I was fittin' right in. Agh, dirty, I feel dirty. I'm going like this, and so I'm like, "Jesus, free me, free me, free me". You're like, "Did anyone look at you when you were saying..."? No, no, no, we were all talking to ourselves. "Free me, free me, free me, free me, Jesus, I don't know what I just walked past, I don't know what I just..."

I felt like I walked into a cobweb. Like, you know, you walk into a cobweb and you're like... And then you're thinking back, "Where is that, I hope that bug isn't here". I felt like I just walked into a cobweb, I was like, yeah, yeah, yeah. But then I realized, look, I have to take the responsibility to get this feeling that I got. I got to do it, I gotta do it. I can't call my my dad, "Dad, I don't know what just happened to me". No, I gotta do it. I can't call my wife and Facetime with her, "I feel something, I just walked by this place, I walked by that, I have no idea". I gotta do it, I'm the one that has to say, and I did. "Devil you're a liar. Get off me, I don't like you, I hate you. You can't be around me. Get off me, I don't like what I'm feeling right now. ... Get away"!

You just, the authority of Jesus Christ, listen to me, the authority that's in the name of Jesus Christ only has authority if you believe that it has authority. If you believe that it does, you have just accessed the greatest, most powerful power in the world. How often we pray reveals how much we believe in prayer. When you're walking, you gotta say, "I know that God will deliver me right now. This isn't from heaven". You know that you are anointed, the proof that you're anointed, is there is constantly a barrage of attacks. It's like, please, can we at least have a time out?

I used to play basketball in high school, and the rule, the unspoken rule, was nobody calls a time out except for the coach; only he calls a time out. There's a few times I called the time out. We're calling a time out, time out. Walked off, and he's like, "What's going on"? I said, "I'm tired. I need a break. I'm tired". And he goes, "You're tired"? I'm like, "Yeah, we're running up and down this court back and forth. Look at me, I'm tired"! I don't know why I told you that. What was I talking about before that? Time out. Why did I say we needed time out? Oh yeah, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you. You want to come preach with me?

So it's our responsibility to call time out, it really is. When you are running back and forth, back and forth, you gotta back up and say, "Okay, what is happening to me"? And Paul says it like this: "Do not think it's strange that something is happening to you, because all believers are fighting the same thing you are". You know that you're anointed, the proof that you are anointed, is every single day, there's another creative attack from another different place. Am I helping anybody today? It's just like it never stops. It's coming from this direction, that direction, this direction, that direction, this direction. This ought to prove to you how important you are. Can I just tell you, you are the chosen one.

I watched a movie years ago and it was, like, some sci-fi movie where these people from out of space was trying to kill this little boy because he's the "chosen one". So all these, like, alien things, I know, it's a crazy movie. I think it was like... I don't know. But they were all trying to chase this little boy because he's the "chosen one". Can I tell you, all these demons from hell are flying around tormenting because you're the chosen one. God looked at you, the Bible says this. Let me not get ahead of myself, I'll start sweating. 1 Peter chapter 1, verse 2, it says that God knew you and called you long ago. He knew you and called you long ago. All of hell knows that you've been chosen. All of hell can see when there are blessings from heaven coming down to you. They can see it.

How do we know that? Well, when Daniel was praying to the Lord, and all of a sudden an angel showed up, and he's talking with the angel. The angel said, "The very day, even though that you've been praying for 21 days and haven't seen anything, the very day you called for help, God sent an angel to come bless you, but," watch this, "but he got caught up in the air fighting Satan on his way down to you". So what does that mean? That means that Satan saw an angel coming down with a blessing towards Daniel and tried to intercept him. See, Satan can see angels coming towards you, he can see it, he can see blessings coming down. And so there's an interception, there's combat involved. The combat in your life is the proof that you've been anointed. It's the proof that God has sent you blessings. It's the proof.

I wanna close with this last thought. It's in Exodus chapter 1, verses 1 through 4. It sounds like this is when Moses was like, "Okay, I just tried to free the children, the Hebrews from the Egyptians, I just tried to, and I did it so wrong". Like, he went up to a guy and killed him and then buried him, and then someone saw him do it, and he got so scared that he was gonna get caught that he ran off into a desert for 40 years. So he's like, "Okay, I tried, I messed up; I quit". See, that's the trouble many of us run into. We try, we mess up, we do something stupid, and then we quit, we're out, we're gone, okay? So Moses flees, and the Lord shows up to him and says, "I've called you. You know you're anointed because of your compassion and your passion to do well, your compassion and your passion". He goes, "You know you're anointed, so this is what... I want you to go back and I want you to tell Pharaoh to let the Hebrews go".

And the Bible says that he pushed back, he protested back. This is in Exodus chapter 4, verse 1. He says this, the Bible says this: "And he protests again, saying, 'What if they do not believe me, or they do not listen to me? What if they say, "The Lord never appeared to you"?' And the Lord said back, 'Moses, what's in your hand?'" A shepherd's staff. Says, "Throw it on the ground". The Bible says that he threw it on the ground, and then it turned into a snake, and it literally says this in the New Living Translation, that he jumped back. I would say so. Some people say, "Frankie, it's just a grass snake, don't worry about it". Nyah! I don't care what kind of snake it is, all snakes are bad snakes, all snakes came from hell, period! That's in my head, are you with me?

That's just in my head, it's not out of the Bible, It's out of my head. If you love snakes, I'll pray for you. So God says, "Moses, pick the snake up by the tail". So he grabs the snake, picks it up by the tail, and the Bible says that it became a shepherd's staff right in his hand. And then he says this: "Go and show this sign. I want you to do that everything we just did. I want you to go to Pharaoh, want you to take your staff, throw it on the ground, it's gonna turn into a snake. I want you to pick it up, and that's gonna be the sign that I'm with you," and the Bible actually says it just like this, "this will be the sign that the God of their ancestors, the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, the God of Jacob, has appeared to you".

Now, there's so many different pieces to this narrative that has so much revelation, but I just want to pull out one thought. When the Lord looked at Moses and he says, "What do you have in your hand"? The only thing he had was a staff. He didn't have any donkeys around, and he said, "I got a staff here and a donkey here. I got a staff and it just so happens I'm having a glass of wine". He had nothing. The only thing he had was the staff, and he says, "Throw it on the ground". As soon as he throws it on the ground, it turns into a mess.

Can I just say that when you're looking around you and everything is becoming a mess, especially one of the things that are most dear to you, the thing that is most dear to you all of a sudden starts going into chaos, that happened to Moses, and that was the indication of... he said, "Look, everything is about to go into chaos right now, but in this chaos, you're learning something about me that you're going to use in the future. Don't freak out, Moses. You can jump and you can trip, but don't go run, don't go trip, don't go and hide, don't go under your bed and pull your covers up over your head. Stay in the battle, stay in the fight. This is only gonna hurt for a minute". I understand the hesitancy in clapping; it's like, yeah, that was a good point, but a minute is usually a couple of weeks, a minute is usually a month. Can I... a minute is sometimes a year. Look, the longer the battle, the greater the authority you'll receive after the battle. Do you receive that today? Come on.
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