David Reagan — The Miracle of Israel

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On May the 14th, 1948 the nation of Israel was re-established. Many Christians consider the re-establishment of Israel to be a great miracle of God and a sure sign that we are living in the end times.

But most Christians see no spiritual significance whatsoever. To them, the re-establishment of Israel is nothing more than an accident of history. So, which is it, the greatest miracle of modern history or an accident of history?

You know folks, each year at this time, either in April or May, depending upon the Jewish calendar the nation of Israel celebrates the anniversary of its independence.

In 2008 I took a video crew to Israel and we filmed a very special program celebrating the 60th anniversary of that nation. In that program we told the story of the miracle of Israel’s rebirth. I was assisted in the program by two colleagues, Dennis Pollock and Don McGee. Here now is a replay of that program.
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