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David Reagan — Is Bible prophecy significant?

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Why do most pastors ignore Bible prophecy? And why do some evangelist commit their lives to preaching it? And what is the message of Bible prophecy in these end times.

During recent weeks we have been broadcasting a series of programs we video taped at a major Bible Prophecy Conference held in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

In the programs we’ve been interviewing 11 Bible prophecy experts about a variety of questions concerning End Time prophecy questions that experts disagree about. We have looked at such questions as: Will the Antichrist be a Jew? Could he possibly be a Muslim? Will he be killed and resurrected from the dead? Is he alive today? And where will his headquarters be located?

The consensus among experts was that the Antichrist will be a Gentile, he will not be a Muslim. He will not be killed and resurrected from the dead, although there may be a deception to make people think so. He is very likely alive today and his headquarters is most likely to be the site of the ancient city of Babylon.

Incidentally, if you did not see these programs about the Antichrist that we have already broadcast you can view them on our website at In addition to discussing issues about the Antichrist with Bible prophecy experts I have also took advantage of the opportunity to ask them so questions about the significance of Bible prophecy. My first question in this regard was: Why do you teach Bible prophecy? Here are some of the answers I received.
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