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2021 online sermons » Derek Prince » Derek Prince - Are You Prepared To Face The Judgment Of God?

Derek Prince - Are You Prepared To Face The Judgment Of God?

Derek Prince - Are You Prepared To Face The Judgment Of God?
TOPICS: Judgment

So that’s the third judgment, the fourth we’ll only just mention, it’s the judgment before the great white throne referred to in Revelation 20: When heaven and earth have fled away from the face of the One on the throne, and all the remaining dead are resurrected, stand before God, and are judged according to the things written in the books. But there’s another book, thank God for that, which is the Book of Life. Those whose names are written in it will enter into eternity with God. The rest will be banished forever from the presence of God. So those are the four main judgments.

Number 1, the judgment seat of Christ, a judgment only of believers.

Number 2, the judgment of Israel, in the great tribulation.

Number 3, the judgment of all other nations, before Christ’s throne at the beginning of the millennium.

And number 4, the final judgment of all the remaining dead, before the great white throne.

So those are the principles of God’s judgment, as I have been able to understand them. We need to ask ourselves: Am I prepared to face the judgment of God? Am I living the kind of life, that will not cause me to be ashamed when I stand before Him? Brothers and sisters, let’s pray together and pray about this vital issue, of standing before the judgment of God. Almighty God, your Word is so clear. We have been ministering your Word to your people tonight.

Now I want to pray for every person gathered here that these words, that I’ve spoken that have been taken directly from the Bible will sink deep, into the hearts and that there will be many who will be prompted seriously, to examine their own lives. I pray especially for the one talent people. Lord, don’t let them hide that talent in the ground. Help them to deposit it, with the bankers that they may not be ashamed before you when you come. Lord Jesus, you’ve spoken to us many times you’re coming quickly, you’re coming soon. You’ve warned us many times even in these meetings, that we need to be ready for your coming. I pray for each one here, myself included, grant us by your grace to be ready for your return, to be ready to stand before the judgment seat of Jesus, and give an answer to the things we’ve done in the body. Lord, we pray this mercy in your name, the name of Jesus. Amen. God bless you.
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